El Dorado Canyon Ride – Part 1

On Sunday a bunch of us headed out to El Dorado Canyon for some mountain biking. Last to arrive as usual, I was surprised at how many people showed up when Scott R and I finally pulled into the trailhead parking area. Jason from Reno even joined us, the first time any of us had met him.

El Dorado Canyon
The Ride Begins

This canyon is THE place to put your suspension to the test. I had entertained the thought of bringing the rigid bike out there, and almost wished I had during the first climb, a long gravel grinder out of the rodeo grounds. As soon as we got to the rocks though, I realized it would’ve been a grave mistake. My Kona Coiler was soaking up the bumps, and keeping my internal organs where they were supposed to be.

El Dorado Canyon
Bob trying not to bump his noggin.

Once down at the bottom of El Dorado Canyon, I was surprised to see about the same amount of water as we saw last Fall. Lester once again rode his amphibious assault bike through the biggest puddle there. I crawled my bike through all the creek crossings to keep the lube in my chain.

El Dorado Canyon
One of the many creek bed crossings.

Not too far up, the water in the creek was gone, but there were still many dry creek bed crossings. It was fun to pick a line through the rocks and see if you could make it through. Lots of sound effects were coming from all the riders.

El Dorado Canyon
Lester training for Sea Otter

It wasn’t long before we got to the Sullivan Canyon intersection. Scott R and I headed west up Sullivan Canyon, and the rest of the guys continued on for an extended ride. I named this post “Part 1” in hopes somebody will tell the story of the upper loop. Scott R and I climbed for awhile, but had to stop to fix my squealing front brake. What a racket! It would be perfect off the bike, but as soon as I started riding, the wheel would flex enough to make the disc rub on the pads. I’m guessing I need my spokes tensioned, or I need to lay off the Jiffy Burgers.

El Dorado Canyon
You could ride forever out here!

We ended pushing the bikes up the last sandy hill that would take us to the Bull Run Spring descent, the funnest part of my ride that day. We didn’t get confused in the trees this time, and kept the downhill flow going.

Crikey! A whole DEN of rattlesnakes!

When we got back down to El Dorado Canyon, we got off the bikes and played on the cool rocks. You could spend days out here exploring all the interesting canyons and rocks.

El Dorado Canyon
Lots of cool rocks

El Dorado Canyon
Dirt Rag star, Scott R

El Dorado Canyon
Wouldn’t it be cool to take a picture on that rock? Now how do I get down?

El Dorado Canyon
We got lost briefly and passed through Jericho.

We must’ve took a wrong turn somewhere, and ended up riding through the ancient ruins of Jericho. We found our way back to Lyon County soon enough though.

It was also about this time that there were major problems back at work. Thankfully I had no knowledge of the crisis, my cell phone being safely back at home. Ignorance is bliss. I doubt I would’ve had reception in the canyon anyhow. Especially in the rattlesnake den.

El Dorado Canyon
Last climb of the day, followed by a long downhill into the chilly wind.

We bombed down the last dirt hill, and then hit the gravel road where we met a strong headwind. It felt like we had parachutes on! We were glad for the last steep descent into the Rodeo Grounds, because could actually coast down hill. We took the bikes over to the watering trough and gave them a good drink before loading them up. They’d been good bikes, and we were proud of them.

El Dorado Canyon
Back at the Rodeo, watering the bikes.

And now for a few videos…

Seemed steeper in person…

Bull Run Spring Trail

The rocks of El Dorado Canyon

More pictures of the ride on the Flickr page HERE.

5 thoughts on “El Dorado Canyon Ride – Part 1

  1. Great pics and vids. Talked with Flem Dog aka Jeff F. and he said the ride was rad! I wanted to go but babysitter fell through. I will keep an eye for when you cats ride again for sure! Love to roll in to Carson and ride

  2. Jeff Jeff Jeff….Tell the truth about how we got hungry and you grabbed a few rattlesnakes and made a nice rattler stew. It was awesome and tasted a bit like chicken.

  3. “If a crisis happens at work and you are not there to here about it, did it really happen?”
    Food for thought.
    Looks like a blast (as usual).
    Still can’t believe you wussed out on the rigid bike though. :^)

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