Bike Carson in Dirt Rag

Bike Carson in Dirt Rag!
The Rider’s Eye

I’ve been wanting to get a picture in Dirt Rag for a while now.  I had a good feeling about the snow ride picture from December, and submitted it to the Rider’s Eye, a collection or reader submitted photos. The picture is a great mixture of scenery and human emotion, and really captures the essence of our lunch rides.  What an honor to be selected!

Scott R, Jesse, Jon
The Original – Scott R, Jesse, and Jon.

P.S. Be on the lookout for Dirt Rag’s sister publication, Bicycle Times, a new magazine that covers everything from commuting to touring, just riding along, and utilitarian bicycles. Or as Maurice puts it “Bicycling, but without trying to help you lose weight”.

8 thoughts on “Bike Carson in Dirt Rag

  1. Very nice ! Missin the AC big time. Eating dinner at a street side cafe in Venice beach. It’s not the AC. Congrads jeff how do I get a copy?

  2. Its funny how I’m such a bike whore and 90 percent of the time I would be on something much newer. I have many bikes for all occasions. This bike was given to me and I pieced it together enough to be a good foul weather bike. On this day and a dozen more this winter, it was the perfect bike.

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