Easter Sunday Suprises!

Ash Canyon Easter
Ash Canyon Easter

Today is a good day to take a mountain bike ride for baby Jesus.  Kidding aside, I thought the weather was tip-top for going up into the canyon.  I rode the fast track up to postal, up 4 day and down the creek trail.  When I got down to the clear area at the bottom of the jeep trail access i found this:

Click on the photo or link above to find out all the neat things I discovered in Ash Canyon this fine Easter Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend, the grind sadly begins again tomorrow for most of us... I also hope the Moser’s are having a super sweet time in Monterey, you lucky ducks.

16 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Suprises!

  1. Beautiful late afternoon ride! I saw the fire pit and removed the rocks in order to discourage the idea of that spot being a campsite. Lots of people up enjoying the trails today. Big big smiles up there. Thanks again Jeff P. for the mystical brilliance of every turn on those trails!

  2. Saturday it was motorcycles going up creek trail and then down 4-day.

    Yep we have Morons among us.

    I always make a point to scatter and destroy any signs of camp sites or fishing spots and try to carry out as much trash as possible.

    Now that I’m experimenting with some new camera video set ups maybe I’ll get the chance to record something that can go directly to the sheriff such as littering and a nice license plate shot.

    The bullet casings are just beyond acceptable. Love to call that one in and wait to witness that arrest.

  3. Thanks to whoever built the beautiful switchbacks for hiking on each side of the water runoff canyon in Vicee.

    Perfect access to the creek and ponds for me and my dogs from timberline side on non-riding days.

    Their Great!

  4. i came flying down the creek trail saturday afternoon, about 30 minutes before running into lester. the motos had just been up the creek trail maybe 15 minutes before. beyond the 3rd bridge, at the bottom of the road down to the creek was parked a white ford exploder. i had to go up and around the big pine to the left and as i’m doing so, a dude jumps out with a cig in his mouth and his camera and yells something as he’s looking down trail. i don’t see anything until i’m on the other side of the tree and there’s his flabby woman, with her pants down around her ankles. luckily, her grey ‘d’wear was up over the saddle bags and i only caught a glimpse of the rickety lower back tat before leaving the scene of the crime.

  5. XD that was way to much information on that first post.

    Let me change the image some. Years ago I saw a young couple nude sunbathing up in Kings Canyon just beyond where there’s the 90 degree turn and the water runs down through it and there’s a nice big clearing to look out over Carson Valley. The girl was rather attractive and passerbys got a nice view of the scenery.

  6. different rig, jesse. the one i saw was just an explorer parked at the bottom of the road just up trail from the bollards; that short section of creek trail that’s on the road.

  7. I saw pretty girls up there on Sunday.One riding bare back on a horse, the other walking her dogs, she had lost her sunglasses. I attempted to make witty and interesting conversations with both, but was just given a nice courtesy smile.

  8. I think a nice grassy area on that little hill over looking the WNC baseball field would do nicely to attract scenery on warm sunny days.

  9. Marcus I think I saw those girls!

    Could they have been running down the bike path screaming and yelling…Bambi Killer! Bambi Killer!

    He killed Bambi!!!

  10. Haaaahaaa! That was Moser Damn it!!! HE was first! I just witnessed the carnage…. They sensed something, because they did pick up the pace a little after I checked…. I mean talked to them. Maybe its time for me to get some darker sunglasses.

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