Carefull on the End of Jackrabbit

Our Easter Sunday Surprises have come and gone now for the really destructive. Lucky us the bored youth of Carson are on break for a week.

Just as you reach the end of Jackrabbit someone has decided it would be fun to dig some trenches in the trail. Coming down the first is right in the bottom of a dip and appears it isn’t quite done. Then maybe a 100 yards further down trail there is a Hole right in the middle of the trail. The worst is a 3 foot long by 1 foot deep trench dug directly across the trail directly after the big dip and jump. The trail leading to the dip is now covered with branches in hopes nobody hits that dip not knowing about the trench. It truly could be ugly if someone goes through there fast not ready for this trashed area.

Jesse this is way worse than before…glad you gave me the heads up.

I’m gonnna try and get out tomorrow at lunch and after work to fill things in. Potter let me know if your available to help.

Careful folks I think we will see more as the week wears on.

3 thoughts on “Carefull on the End of Jackrabbit

  1. I’m also not opposed to buying some concrete and trying to salvage that downed “no off road vehichles” sign (if though it will get downed again eventually).

  2. I was climbing the trail yesterday, 4/13, when three riders pointed out the hazards. First, I want to thank the riders for pointing it out, as I could have been injured. I really appreciated it. The longer trench must have been dug around 4:00 in the afternoon, as the dirt was dark and fresh. The long trench is at the top of the big dip, just west of the asphalt trail walking trail. You can’t see it until you are right on top of it. Keep an eye out. Also, I saw a couple of kids building a jump just east of the Timberline subdivision, out in the field, earlier in the day. I don’t know if the two are related but I will keep an eye out.

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