Jackrabbit Trench Drama

I hiked up to the end of Jackrabbit with Amy, Tank, and Kayla to see what all the fuss was about.

Wheel Swallowing Trench Before

Looks to me like some kids were attempting to build a Gap-Jump Trench-Jump at the end of the Jackrabbit Trail.

Pecos Potter’s Grave After

The kids probably didn’t realize that old geezers like me don’t appreciate Trench-Jumps on a cross-country trail.

14 thoughts on “Jackrabbit Trench Drama

  1. As George Bernard Shaw once said ” Youth is wasted on the young” …. With all the energy it took to dig those ditches, I coulda put those boyz to work here at the shop cleanin up and they would have made some money, instead of a dangerous hole.

  2. Thanks for fixing the trench of doom. My only regret is that I didn’t get to cover myself in lamp oil, light myself on fire and jump the trench and through a massive flaming hoop fixed above it.

    Oh, well… It’s probably not the last trench we’ll see.

  3. Don’t let Potter fool you…anyone who has done trail work with him knows he likely stood resting against a shovel while Amy did the work. Wonder what kind of Beer she likes?

  4. Thanks to Lester, Jesse, and Dan for the heads-up!

    Jesse- I’ll hold the hoop.

    Lester- Amy likes Guinness Extra Stout.

  5. Well done my friend.
    PC the trail so no one has to ever worry about being challenged or taking a risk.
    Why don’t you just stand by the trail with a workman’s vest and franticly wave everyone off before they have to encounter the “ditch of doom”!
    I guess next you’ll be handing out medals at the end of every ride and tell all the guys that they did their best and no one is ever a loser! :^)
    Just kidding. Excellent work. You are still my hero!

  6. Smudgemo, Amy did mention the trench could have been my grave.

    Brian, you’re almost right. I don’t wear a workman’s vest, but I do wave frantically when I encounter someone trying to remove my rocks.

  7. thank you for fixing this i actually rode over it today and had you not filled it in i may have been injured or killed . i ride jumps but trails are no place for them they belong in out of the way places like behind u haul and the dirt mounds out by tires plus. also my haro 20″ has been collecting dust lately due to the fact that i am actually enjoying riding single track on my trek 4400 more than i do destroying my knees jumping my little haro

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