Sea Otter Classic 2009 Preview

This year’s edition of the Sea Otter Classic kicks off tomorrow.  After a couple hours of pretending to work in the morning, Lester and I are headed to the Laguna Seca Raceway.  We’ll meet up with my buddy Scott who will already have the campsite staked, overlooking the racetrack and the Sea Otter village.

We’ll pick up our race packets and head out for a short ride on the course to give Lester a look at what’s to come on Friday when he races that afternoon in the Clydesdale category.  After that we’ll likely find ourselves at the Crown & Anchor in Monterey.  That place has good curry.

For all of you that can’t be there, here’s a look at Lester’s new Clydesdale racing kit.  And yes, the feet are SPD compatible.

Lesters Sea Otter Singlespeed Kit
Lester's Sea Otter Racing Kit

–artwork by s. shearer

We’ll taunt Lester with beers somewhere along the final climb where I’m sure he’ll return the favor on Saturday. Morning. Before 10. Not that that’s too early for beer.

5 thoughts on “Sea Otter Classic 2009 Preview

  1. Too early?

    I’ll be Krakin my first one open as we pull out of Carson! Seat back, feet on the dash, cold one in hand, ur driven son!

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