Bicycle Commuter Class

Bicycle Commuter Class at Comma Coffee
Bicycle Commuter Class at Comma Coffee

On Monday, Dan Allison gave a very informative Bicycle Commuter Class down at Comma Coffee. The class included the ABC (Air, Brakes, and Chain) Quick Check, riding in traffic, bicycle laws, and a few other topics. It was great to see many new faces this year, and I was also happy to see everyone brave the cold. The weather cooperated for the outdoor class in the courtyard, but it started to get pretty chilly near the end. On Thursday, we will continue the bicycle commuting discussion at Comma Coffee with the Bicycle Commuter Forum.

Next up though is the “How to Change a Flat Tire” Clinic at the Bike Habitat on Tuesday night (5/5). Classes will begin after 6PM when the shop closes for business. The Bike Habitat is located south of town next door to Best Buy.

One thought on “Bicycle Commuter Class

  1. i actually thought last nights event was very informative…especially for those that are thinking about commuting but aren’t quite sure…too bad more emphasis on the class wasn’t pushed interoffice. my office is combining a women’s health week during the bike to work week…the flyers should have been distributed with the class info on it!

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