Got Bike?

Are you looking for a new set of wheels? Muscle Powered will be giving away two bikes at our Bike to Work Week party at the Firkin and Fox on May 15th! I ordered the two bikes at the Bicycle Authority today, and even got to check out one that Dan already has in the shop! It’s a very sharp bike and will make an excellent around-town bike for some lucky winner. The other bike we’ll be giving away is for the ladies.

Sea Breeze from Phat Cycles
Sea Breeze from Phat Cycles

To enter to win one of these bikes, you will have to buy a raffle ticket for $2.00. There will be raffle tickets for sale at the party, and purchasing a New Belgium beer at the party will also get you a raffle ticket. You must be present at the party to win! Proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to benefit Muscle Powered. If you don’t win one of the bikes, there will be a lot of other great prizes to win. Local businesses have been very generous with prize donations! More on this later…

If you see me (Jeff Moser) at one of the events leading up to the 15th, I may have the raffle tickets with me. You can buy as many as you want.

Sea Breeze from Phat Cycles
You can win this bike for $2.00

Pictured here is the men’s Sea Breeze from Phat Cycles. The other bike we’ll be giving away is the lady’s version of this bike. To see the lady’s version, click HERE. Select the Blue color to see the bike that has been ordered.


One thought on “Got Bike?

  1. Sandie’s aunt and uncle have these bike and live in the city where Phat was born, Huntington Beach. They are really nice and very comfy for long cruises.

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