Movie Night at the Bicycle Authority

On Monday night, we attended Movie Night at the Bicycle Authority. Dan showed the film Double Yellow 2, a documentary about bicycle messengers in Philadelphia. Carson City’s Gabe Gonzalez worked as a messenger in Philadelphia, and the movie had considerable footage of him. Gabe was on hand last night to share some stories and answer questions.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
Bring your own chairs. Not a problem on the Ute!

Even after watching the movie and getting a glimpse of the messenger life, I doubt any of us here in Carson City could actually get our minds around what it must be like in real life. Up close and personal with cars all day long, several days per week.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
The chow line

From the interviews in the movie, it seemed to be a bittersweet life. Tremendous freedom of riding your bike all day long, mixed with a lot of road rage and harsh weather during the winter. A common theme in the movie was a strong bond between messengers, even with messengers in cities far away. Gabe concurred.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority

The movie got me thinking about how many bicycle subcultures have evolved. Some of the messengers in the movie were a little ticked at how their culture was being mimicked by non-messengers, riders that have not paid their dues. It seemed a little harsh at first, but then I thought you could probably say the same thing is true for any other cycling subculture.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
Gabe’s pictures and words from the messenger days

Mountain biking has splintered off into many different factions, and often times one group won’t see eye to eye with another group. Downhillers, Free riders, XC racers, trail riders, cyclocrossers…each group with their own set of unwritten codes of behaviors and styles. Many of us even belong to a few subcultures here in Carson City. Our small city close to off-road trails and low traffic paved roads present a lot of cycling opportunities for us here.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
Tasha and Jason ready to roll

The movie night had a great turnout with over 20 people attending. This was also true of the movie at the Bike Habitat last Saturday. I think this is something we should continue to do throughout the year periodically.

Movie Night at Bicycle Authority
Dan and Gabe

Another thank you to Gabe for adding so much to the movie! For more on Gabe Gonzalez, check out Urban Velo Issue #9 HERE.

3 thoughts on “Movie Night at the Bicycle Authority

  1. Cycling is very diverse sport/lifestyle but yet, often times it can be exclusive too. Those who take any one aspect seriously often find that they are at odds with others who participate in another “discipline” (MTB vs. Roadie).
    But on the other hand, given the wide variety of choices bicycling has to offer, it should make it easier for each person to find their comfort zone. Not everyone likes to huck their bike off inanimate objects, but if you do, there are others who will join you. And if you just like to commute and ride simply for transportation no one in the freerider culture should look down on you for doing so.
    Come on people, can’t we all just get along?

  2. Hey Jeff.
    i had a blast hanging out and watching my old life over again. it was great talking with everyone and really apreciate all the work you do to push cycling in the carson area.
    i totaly agree with you. i think that it should go across all bariers but sadly it doesn’t. its up to us to help brigde those gaps and to show that yes a roadie and a mtb rider can hang out and ride together. many pro cyclest on their off season cross train on mtb bikes or on roadbikes. i think its just some people are just plane old stupid and cant look past their own nose.
    when i was in Philly me and two other messenger friends would meet up and ride with this group of cyclist that would do 100mile rides on the weekends. i would show up in my jeans and teeshirt and my messenger bag full with food and water, and of course all my tools and a lock. they would all look at me weird and gave me a lot of sh*t for the way i looked and dressed. but in the end after half the group droped off cause the ride was to tuff, i was still their up front riding strong and at the end of the day i wasnt dead tired from the ride like most of those guys. and i think that did help them to see that yes i wasnt in all spandex but i could still ride better than most of them. now however is a different story since i dont bicycle everyday. 🙂
    sorry for tha rant,

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