Corporate Challenge: Day 2

From the feedback I’m receiving, everyone is having a good time participating in the Corporate Challenge.

In the trips category DETR has the lead with 40. Followed closely by Redrock Dental (35) and USGS (34). This is shaping up to be a tight race.

Redrock Dental is continuing their domination in the percentage category with 100%. Does anybody feel as sick to the stomach as I do that I’m getting beat by a dentist?

In the solo competition Wills Stuke has taken the lead with 24 miles. Not far behind are Kiersten Briggs and Tammy Steele with 15 miles and 14.85 miles respectively.

In the milage category USGS has a big lead with 204.6 miles. They’re not unbeatable, but its a big gap to close. The nearest competitors are the State Public Works Board (126 Miles) and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center (112.24 miles).

An anonymous reader, concerned with the USGS mileage reported, sent me this photo. That a USGS employee was seen rubbing elbows with a convicted doper (Tyler still denies it) shouldn’t cause alarm, but combine that with impressive mileage, it does raise some eyebrows.

9 thoughts on “Corporate Challenge: Day 2

  1. Inside sources tell me that USGS is taking shifts riding a stationary bike on a trainer at the office to rack up all those miles!

    I’m thinking of recalibrating DETR’s odometers so we get more miles. Still fuzzy on the math though. Do I input a smaller wheel size or larger?

  2. Smaller! Or is it larger? Where are the engineers when we need them? And taking longer lunches could help.

  3. Maybe USGS has the computer set to the wheel mounted to the back of their survey trucks and are recording the mileage along routes they are mapping.
    Might want to look into that!
    And they are probably on steriods too!

  4. The guys at the Bike Smith keep coming over to my office separately for toothpaste. Does that count as a trip?
    p.s. nice one Tank

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