Free Coffee on Bike to Work Day

Friday is a big day for bicycle commuters. First, it’s National Bike To Work Day. Second, several Carson City coffee shops will offer one free cup of coffee to individuals commuting to work by bike.

Bike to Work Day
Free Coffee at Participating Commuter Stations!

Please take advantage of this generous offer, perhaps making it a fun morning get together for your office. Arrange to meet in the morning and ride together to one of the Commuter Stations, or even attempt to hit as many Commuter Stations as you can before work. You may even run into a competing team at one of these stations!

Participating coffee shops: 7-9 AM

  • Carson Coffee 1825 N Carson (in front of Grocery Outlet)
  • Comma Coffee 312 S. Carson (downtown)
  • Java Girls 3667 S Carson St. (Raley’s shopping center)
  • Starbucks – 4 Locations

3325 Retail Dr. (Wal-Mart)
1410 E. William St. (across from Mills Park)
3228 N. Carson St. (old K-Mart shopping center)
2320 S Carson St.

2 thoughts on “Free Coffee on Bike to Work Day

  1. 1st Communication breakdown of the day! Comma Coffee has a sign out front that says, “We don’t know anything about free coffee!”, even though it’s been on the flyer they have had posted for a few weeks now. Sorry to anyone that went down there, and hope you found an alternative.

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