West Carson Cruiser Ride Report

We had an excellent turnout for the West Carson Cruiser Ride!  It was a little breezy last night, but that didn’t stop the dozens of riders of all ages from coming out.

West Carson Cruiser Ride

The ride left the Brewery Arts Center promptly at 6:30 PM, all riders eager to start pedaling. We wandered the quiet streets on the west side of town, barely encountering any traffic. A couple drivers motioned for us to cross in front of them, only seeing the riders in the front ranks. They probably had no idea how long they’d be waiting had we taken them up on their offer.

West Carson Cruiser Ride
The ride began at the Brewery Arts Center

I heard many people commenting on all the sights and smells. Pretty houses, historical buildings, and the smells of spring. You just don’t see this stuff in the car. A slow cruiser ride is the perfect way to take it all in.

West Carson Cruiser Ride
The rowdy Bike Habitat Gang

West Carson Cruiser Ride
Mary Street

West Carson Cruiser Ride
King Street

West Carson Cruiser Ride
Ormsby Blvd

West Carson Cruiser Ride
Ride Leader Charlie

West Carson Cruiser Ride
Turning on to Washington Street

My son and I were up front, but I could see Jason Gardner easily every time I looked back. He had the “privilege” of riding Dan Turner’s Hi-Wheeler the whole route. He was definitely head and shoulders above the rest of us. After 4 miles on that thing, he must be a pro now!

West Carson Cruiser Ride
Jason survived the Hi-Wheeler!!

I think we should do more of these types of rides! I’ll organize a few more cruiser rides throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It’s a great way to socialize and celebrate our city.

The Nevada Appeal was there to cover our event. Continue reading on their site HERE.

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