2009 Bike to Work Week Wrap Up

Wow! What a week full of events, and what a great turn out! I’m going to need a few days to recover.

Flat Tire Clinic at Comma Coffee
Flat Tire Clinic at Comma Coffee

On Thursday, Dan Turner from the Bicycle Authority did a flat tire clinic at the Comma Coffee courtyard. The outdoor setting, warm spring evening, and raised stage made this a fun event. This hands on clinic allowed students to pop and patch tubes.

Bike to Work Week Party
Team Wonderbike

We had our Bike to Work Week party on Friday night at the Firkin and Fox. We started setting up a little before 5 PM, and then people started rolling in. New Belgium’s Team Wonderbike was there to greet the party goers, where many a rider pledged to drive less and ride more. Jen and Cody provided plenty of New Belgium swag for the pledges. Just around the corner, Fat Tire Ale and Mighty Arrow Pale Ale were being served. I believe I had the honor of the first and last glass of Mighty Arrow!

Bike to Work Week Party
Hick’ry Switch

The raffle ticket station was hopping! Everyone wanted to win the two cruiser bikes. I wish I could’ve been like Oprah and given everyone a bike, but there were only two. Mel and Teri were the lucky winners of the night. Thanks to your generous contributions, we raised a lot of money for Muscle Powered to further bicycle advocacy in Carson City. Luckily, many of you won some other great prizes and drank a few delicious beers along with your donation!

Bike to Work Week Party
Amanda – Injuries sustained on last week’s Full Moon ride

A big thanks to the three musical acts that performed. Hick’ry Switch, a few members from Anouaze Beat, and James Wilsey kept the crowd entertained until after dark. A very eclectic selection of music for sure!

Bike to Work Week Party
Chris and Leslie

Bike to Work Week Party
Jeff Potter, Jason and Tasha

Bike to Work Week Party
Mel wins a bike!

Bike to Work Week Party
Keith demonstrating wheelies on the Ute

Who would’ve thought you could ride a wheelie on a utility bike? Leave it to Keith to teach us how! The Kona Ute was a party favorite that night. A few people took a ride on the back, and Scott R even got shuttled down to the Carson Nugget at the end of the evening.

Bike to Work Week Party
Kristy, James, and John

Another special thanks to Jim and John at the Firkin. The back parking lot was the perfect spot for our event. Thanks for helping to make it such a nice evening!

Bike to Work Week Party
Me and the boy

Bike to Work Week Party
Brent, Scott R, and Sandie

Bike to Work Week Party
Dropping Scott R off at the Nugget on the way home

We had one day to get caught up on the chores at home, and then my family joined other riders for the Bike Habitat’s 2009 Tour of Carson and BBQ. The ride was a 28 mile loop around the outskirts of Carson City, beginning and ending at the Bike Habitat. To celebrate the Bike Habitat’s 2nd Anniversary, there was a tasty BBQ waiting for all the riders when they returned. Congratulations on your Anniversary, Denis, and thank you for all your support during Bike Month!

Tour of Carson 2009
Tour of Carson pre-ride

Tour of Carson 2009
My Stoker

Tour of Carson 2009

Tour of Carson 2009
Views of the mountains above Carson Valley

Once again, Keith Conrad setup a sports drink stop on King Street for us. It was getting hot when we rolled up, and the cold drinks gave us the energy we needed to make it back to the Bike Habitat. Thanks, Keith!

Tour of Carson 2009
Chatting somewhere north of town

Tour of Carson 2009
28 Miles on Tandem!

I volunteered to ride sweep at this year’s Tour of Carson, but as it turned out, I would’ve been back there anyway! My son and I rode the juggernaut of all bicycles, our KHS tandem. I wasn’t able to get the slicks on the fat rims, so I put the lightest mountain tires I could find on it. Charlie and I made it though, flying down the descents and crawling up the climbs. We were both excited to complete the whole course. It was Charlie’s longest ride ever, and my longest ride of the year!

Tour of Carson 2009
Post Ride BBQ at the Bike Habitat!

Stay tuned for Jeff Potter’s Corporate Challenge results. We have lots of exciting data to share with everyone, and the results may surprise you. I was shocked!

Once again, thank you to all Bike to Work Week participants, planners, organizers, and sponsors. It was the biggest bike event Carson City has ever seen, and we all made it happen.

Also, don’t forget that the Bike Habitat is doing two more bicycle clinics on the remaining two Tuesday’s in May. See you there!

3 thoughts on “2009 Bike to Work Week Wrap Up

  1. What an awesome week in CC! Wish I could have been there to enjoy the festivities.
    And the free beer of course!
    Looks like the town has jumped on the bicycling/commuting band wagon; kudo’s to all involved in making that happen.
    P.S. I imagine Scott R was stopping at the Nugget for the Daily Senior Dinner Special?

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