In the Solo category, Wills Stuke took first place with 66.5 miles, while Tammy Steele edged out Kiersten Briggs by a little over two miles to take second place with 54.91 miles. A Trips category may be added to the Solo competition next year.

The Nevada Department of Environmental Protection jumped into first place on Friday to win the Trips category with 185 trips. Second place is the State Public Works Board with 129, followed closely by the Nevada Department Of Transportation with 127.

Redrock Dental.JPG

Redrock Family Dental narrowly won first place ahead of The Bike Smith with an 86.5% average in the Percentage category. Third place goes to Sierra Nevada Cancer Center with 56.5%.

The U.S. Geological Survey office dominated the Mileage category, claiming victory with an unbeatable mileage of 612.5. Second place goes to the State Public Works Board (again!) with 424.5 miles. And the Nevada Department Of Transportation places third with 368.9 miles.

This week saw a lot of new bench marks set for future Bike To Work Week participation.

Patrick Pittenger, Transportation Manager for Carson City, reported that 60 free bus rides were given to bicyclists throughout the week by JAC. Thanks JAC!

In what are very impressive numbers, Carson City Corporate Challengers completed 1,240 trips by bicycle or by walking. And there were 3,978.25 miles walked or ridden through the week. Wow!

Congratulations, and thank you to all who participated in the Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge. This was by far our most successful, fun, and exciting Corporate Challenge ever!!

In related news:


After receiving an anonymous tip from Drew at Redrock Dental, the USPS team were hauled into the Bike Carson drug testing lab and tested for drug use. The team tested positive for a variety of illegal substances, but the panel of judges refused to disqualify the team from the Corporate Challenge siting that the drugs the team consumed were not performance enhancing.

For full corporate Challenge results go HERE.

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