Bike Carson's No Spin Zone

Readers of Bike Carson may remember this picture from a post I made back in November. I was walking by Comma Coffee, and snapped this photo of a bike on the Muscle Powered rack. Months later, I got to talking to OJ, a mechanic down at Bike Habitat. He said he saw the picture, and he got a kick out of it, because it is his bike. I told him that a news blogger had used the image, so I decided to do an image search and find the article for him.

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

What I found surprised me though. FOXNews used the picture! At Bike Carson, we’re all about Spin, so I had to laugh that my picture was used by a media outlet that touts itself as a No Spin Zone. Was Bike Carson compensated? No photo credit, no linkback, no checks in the mail. How’s that for Fair and Balanced? At least I got a post out of it!

Here’s the story and picture on FOXNews HERE.

9 thoughts on “Bike Carson's No Spin Zone

  1. Wow! What a complete rip off (plus it inacurately claims the photo is the one in the story). Lame! Are you going to pursue a correction or anything? Is it even worth it?

  2. Wow, no attribution, incorrect reference and outright lie about the photograph’s setting, AND they posted an edited picture AND edited the picture to include their watermark.

    Wow, no standards there WHATSOEVER. But I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Jeff, This goes to show that the way you catagorize your pics and posts are usefull to the rest of the world. I am sure the author of the Fox story could care less. He was just stoked to get an actual picture of a bike with that sticker on it. Did you break your nationwide cherry here? Should we be having some sort of approriate celibration?

  4. I’m surprised Pravda…, uh, Fox correctly noted it was a bike. I’m curious what kind of flight delays were realized by a bicycle with a sticker that wasn’t actually in Memphis. Not that I think Fox lies or anything…

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