Garage Sale Special

Whenever I see a garage sale, I always scan it, looking for any signs of bicycles. Garage sale bikes are usually disappointing, almost always dilapidated Huffys or other department store bikes. Every once in a while though, you find something kind of cool.

Faggin Italian Road Bike
Faggin Italian Road Bike

During the Tour of Carson, we rode by a garage sale up on Arrowhead Drive. I saw a dirty old bike mixed in with all the other junk, but couldn’t really tell if it was for sale or if someone had ridden up on it. It didn’t appear to be junk though. I was riding sweep on the tandem, and decided to just keep riding in the interest of time; however, I only made it a block or two, when I was compelled to go back and see what that bike was.

Faggin Italian Road Bike
A healthy mix of Campagnolo and Dura Ace

I asked the lady at the garage sale if the bike for sale. She said it was, so I started to look it over. The first thing I noticed was the lugged frame. The head badge and decals were missing, but the seat stays and bottom bracket were stamped with the word “Faggin”. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, and even thought it sounded a bit funny. I continued looking the bike over.

Faggin Italian Road Bike
Cut-out on Bottom Bracket

My interest started perking up as I inspected the components.  Dura Ace, Campagnolo, Cinelli, Look…I was pretty sure I had found something!  I didn’t have enough money for what they were asking, but they took what I had.  They even delivered it for me, since I was out on my bike.

Faggin Italian Road Bike
Lugged Steel Frame

Later, I got the bike cleaned up and took it for a spin. I expected the bike to feel like an old clunker. Old mountain bikes feel dated, and usually aren’t very inspiring to ride. This road bike felt great though! Apparently road bike geometry hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years.


I did some more research on the brand Faggin. The company is in Italy, and looks like they’ve been around for quite some time. Their website is in Italian, so it was hard for me to learn much from it. There is quite a bit of discussion about Faggin bikes on the web, and apparently the name is pronounced “fah-Jeen” or perhaps “fa-Zheen”. I’m sure all my friends will stick with the American pronunciation when talking about me and my bike though. It’s easy to see why this brand may have had a hard time getting a foothold in America. The previous owner went as far as to remove the large FAGGIN decals off the down tube.

A couple of the bike shop owners agree that the bike is late 80’s. The downtube shifters on this bike are kind of a pain, but the brakes feel every bit as modern as the 105’s on my 2007 Trek. The bike weighs in at 22 lbs, but the light wheels give it a spirited ride. The lugged steel frame and fork really smooth out the ride, and feels quite a bit different than the aluminum/carbon fiber on my Trek.

Funny Name, Sweet Ride!

I’ve made a few trips around town on the Faggin, and it’s just a blast to ride. The bike encourages you to go fast! I’m looking forward to getting some longer rides on it. I’d have to say that this garage sale special was quite a bargain at $22!

11 thoughts on “Garage Sale Special

  1. moser, the pronunciations you found on the web sound quite similar to one of Borat’s pronunciations of a certain anatomical region. very nice, i like.

  2. Wow! Beautiful. What a great find/price! You will become addicted to that bike. And you’ll get used to the down tube shifters in no time. And if not, you can sell it for 25+ times profit… Happy riding.

  3. wow! Sweet find indeed! I’ve seen a few Faggin in classic pictures and stuff. Definately a great bike, and for that price! Good on you! Enjoy your beautiflul, hand crafted ride!

  4. I promise not to be raggin’ on you about your new/old ride!
    Very cool. Reminds me a lot of my Vitus 992 that I sold a couple years back. Old school but always was a great ride.

  5. No way. That is my old bike. I put it together piece by piece and used it to race for San Jose State’s club team. You figured everything out. I got teased relentlessly about the name so I took all of the stickers off.
    I spent a summer in south lake tahoe and sold it to by a dirt bike in 1990. I can’t believe you got it for $22. I sold it for $800. Watch for potholes, those wheels are fragile.
    Thanks for posting. It was good to see my old ride.

  6. Wow! I was doing some research on Faggin because I own one. I bought it in 1987-88, in Fresno, CA. I was a cycling addict at the time so it has seen many centuries and a few Davis doubles. I went through a knee injury and put it away in 1989. Got back on it in 2005-06. Fell in love with cycling again. I have since bought a new bike and was looking to sell it OR birth a Fixie. It’s 52cm in great condition so I’ll have to have a heart to heart with it. I can’t believe you paid $22 I also can’t believe the original owner tagged this!

    Enjoy the classic ride!

  7. Hello from Denmark – I bought an “old” (1993) Faggin frame myself, A Faggin Europe – The seller couldent tell me what year it was from, so I contackted Faggin. And wow.. they save all theyr frame number, så the nice lade emailed me, and told me that my fra was bould Feb 1993.

    This is what they mailed me:

    The model fo the frame is “Europa”, unfortunately we do not know how you have mounted the bike, because we are concerned about the construction of the frame.

    in 1993 is a very good bicycle!!

    I was a bit concerned about the last bit, but what they ment was, that they couldent tell me what groupset it was born with, since the frame was sent to Germany 🙂

    Well, that was my store.. Btw, join the groupe “Faggin” on facebook, it a lot of fun 🙂

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