Long Bike for Long Cargo

This weekend’s riding consisted of running errands on the Kona Ute. It was raining lightly much of the day on Saturday, so the fendered Ute was my bike of choice when riding over to Jeff P’s house for a meeting. I don’t have much experience with fenders, so I was surprised when my pant legs were dry when arriving at my destination. People concerned with clean pants, take note!

Long Bike, Long Load
Kona Ute loaded with Garden Poles

On Sunday, I needed some long poles for the garden, so the boy and I rode over to Home Depot. I was looking for poles that were at least 6 feet long, a cargo that would be very awkward for an ordinary bike. Along the way, my son said, “This sure would be a waste of gas to drive over here for a few little poles.” I was proud that at 8 years old, he already gets it. I told him I couldn’t agree more!

We found some 6 foot poles, and they bungeed easily onto the bag and cargo deck. My only concern was having my son run into the back of me and getting skewered. I made sure he stayed along side me on the way home. We stopped at Jesse’s on the way back to return (most) of his bungee cords. He had a 7 to 8 foot pole that he didn’t need, so we strapped that on the Ute too. A few of the neighbors were out when we got home, and the Ute sparked up conversation. Among the questions, “You went shopping on your bike?”

At the Bike Rack
Kona Ute Parking near the Wheel Barrows

I’ve only yet begun to use the Ute to its full potential, but I was pretty pleased with this particular cargo. It was by no means a heavy load, but the awkwardness of it probably would’ve made me drive if I didn’t have the cargo bike.

If you’re looking for more pictures of the Ute in action, a Kona Ute photo group has been started over on Flickr HERE.

6 thoughts on “Long Bike for Long Cargo

  1. Fenders rule! I always keep them on my commuter, and they make riding in sloppy weather far more enjoyable.

    You need one of those orange flags like truckers use so you can hang if off those poles, though. Somebody rides up behind you at a stoplight, they could get skewered on those suckers!

  2. I think I’ll throw an orange flag in the pannier so it’s ready to go when I need it.

    Maybe I need a Yosemite Sam “Back Off!” mudflap on the rear tire for good measure too!

  3. Very sweet. A human powered cargo utility vehicle. Does it beep when you back up? Nice to see the propoganda campaign is working on the boy too. Keep up the good work!

  4. I have similar fenders, and I’ve been on the lookout for a little, metal “mudflap girl” to stick on the back. That would kick ass!

  5. I am planning a ride on the Rhine river from the North Sea to Switzerland. The bike I currently have is a Kona Hoss (sort of a hybrid mountain/road bike) and I am not sure that I can get it outfitted well for that long trip. Do you think the Ute would be a good bike for that sort of long trip carrying extra clothes, food, and lightweight camping gear?

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