The Week in Pictures

I haven’t had a lot to say this week, but I’ve certainly been busy with the camera. Here’s a look back on this beautiful Spring week in June.

Tom Price
Tom Price – Baldy Green Trail

Several days of rain have brought out the flowers in Ash Canyon. Balloon Flower (Penstemon palmeri) is growing all over the lower parts of Ash Canyon where the Waterfall fire of 2004 burned all the sagebrush. It’s easy to see from the V&T Bike path for those who don’t venture off-road.

Balloon Flower (Penstemon palmeri)
Penstemon palmeri – Balloon Flower

Higher up in the canyon, Mule’s Ears (Wyethia) are blooming. Mule’s Ears are a member of the sunflower family. Sometimes you’ll find thousands of them growing together like on Sunflower Hill above Hobart Reservoir. I also just learned that a similar species, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, also grows in the area. You can tell the difference between the two by looking at the leaves. Arrowleaf has a more triangular shaped leaf.

Wyethia - Mule's Ears
Wyethia – Mule’s Ears

And then there’s the beautiful trash can art in Timberline. The owner of this work of art looked a little concerned that someone was lurking near her dumpster, but then smiled when she saw who it was. She said the artwork helps identify their trash can when high winds send it sailing.

Trash Can Art
Trash Can Art in Timberline

On June 9th we celebrated Bikes, Beers, and Beards Day. The ceremony was short and only two of us attended.

Bikes, Beers, and Beards Day
Bikes, Beers, and Beards Day

On Thursday I rode the Kona Ute around town. I hauled my heaviest load yet, about 40 lbs of old newspapers to be recycled. I later found out that they could’ve been picked up curbside, but this was a good test for the bike. It definitely altered the way the bike handled. More frame flex was noted, and I had to be more cautious in the turns. The bike still rolled quickly on the straights though, surprisingly for a heavy bike with a heavy load. I even had a fully loaded messenger bag on.

Wide Load
40lbs of Newspaper on the back of the Ute

The Ute is always fun to take around town, and always helps strike up conversation. I got my friend Scott to take a spin on it, and even strike a very sexy pose.

What can Brown do for You?

I’ve been using the freight elevator to get the Ute to the basement at work. I thought it was kind of neat how well the bike fit in with all the utility equipment downstairs.

Cargo Envy
Loading Zone

On Thursday night we did the shop ride from the Bike Smith. There was a massive turnout with Scott J, Jeff P, Mickey, and myself attending! We rode into headwinds the entire climb. Nothing like resistance training! The descent was screaming fast with the tailwinds. I barely had to pedal all the way home.

Scott J
Scott J battling the evening wind

I’m used to seeing Ash Canyon at high noon, so it’s always a treat to see it in a different light. There were long shadows, and all the colors looked different.

Jeff P
Jeff P on the Deer Run

We ran into a few other mountain bikers out on the trail and had a good chat with them. Hopefully we’ll get more people to meet up for the shop ride next Thursday.

Deer Run
Evening in Ash Canyon

Mickey led the charge up the hill even though he had the heaviest bike by far. It must be all the extra inertia pulling him up the hill. I’m going to look into adding weight to my bike to see if it helps me out.

Scott J, Mickey, Jeff P
Scott J, Mickey, Jeff P – Top of the Creek Trail

There is lots gong on this weekend including the Mexican Ditch Trail Bridge ceremony on Saturday, and the Slow Rollers Poker Run & Show ‘n Shine up at Lake Tahoe on Sunday! Have a great weekend on your bike.

3 thoughts on “The Week in Pictures

  1. Regarding the pic of Jeff P on the Deer Run. His face says, “don’t take my picture”, while his seat says otherwise.

  2. Cool pictures (except for the Anthrax band beard photos!). Itching to get out there and experience it for myself. Looks like it was a great week of riding.

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