Friday News

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Tour de Nez. In addition to the races they’ll be having throughout the weekend, there are group rides and other events scheduled. Check out the calendar at the Tour de Nez site HERE.

Jason and Jimmy
Jason Lilje and teammate Jimmy prepping for the Tour de Nez

I met up with Jason and Jimmy from Las Vegas at Comma Coffee on Thursday morning. They were out for an easy spin in preparation for the evening race in Truckee, CA. Las Vegas is at 2,000 feet elevation, Truckee is at 5,817 feet. I hope the boys brought their oxygen tanks! They are also excited to race with the big names on Sunday in Nevada City, CA. Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, and Chris Horner will all participate in the 49th Annual Nevada City Bicycle Classic on June 21! Jason and I grew up in Carson City together, so it was good to see him again.

Tom and his new Giant Trance from Bike Habitat

Tom, one of the riders in the lunch crew, just picked up a new bike from Bike Habitat. His new Giant Trance was originally a demo bike. Tom took it out a few weeks ago, and really fell in love with it. Many bike shops these days have a demo program. It’s a great opportunity to see how different bikes perform on the trails you ride before you lay down your cash. It’s hard to tell much from riding a hi-tech mountain bike around a parking lot. Tom tried out a couple bikes before deciding on the Trance.

Tom on the Four Day Trail
Tom on the Four Day Trail in Ash Canyon

The Bike Smith took the front page of the Nevada Appeal on Thursday. Like Rob Smith says in the article, Carson City has a big base of cyclists, enough to support three bike shops. It’s also good to hear that the three shops are doing good when so many other businesses are failing.

Pedal Power Drives Business
Bike Smith in the Nevada Appeal

Another quote I liked from the paper,

More people are commuting around town and saving on gas,” Smith said. “When times are tough, people still want to recreate, and biking is fairly inexpensive, so they can keep their sanity by riding their bikes.

I would have to agree. Whether you’re going to work, running errands, or heading out to play on the nearby trails, Carson City’s small size makes it easy to get where you’re going by bike. Carson City definitely has the potential to become a great bike city or even a bicycle vacation destination.

Read the Bike Smith’s full article online HERE at the NV Appeal.

4 thoughts on “Friday News

  1. Will this bike race be on while were out there? Any stages near Carson or Tahoe? Nice to see the great support for both bike shops and riding in CC.

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