Flume Trail Ride Scheduled

Last September, I got together with a few fellow cycling bloggers for some riding in Oakland, CA. It was so much fun, that we’ve decided to get together again at Lake Tahoe. This coming Saturday, June 27th, we’ll all be riding the Flume and Tahoe Rim Trails, and you’re all invited to attend. We’re still working on a meet up time at the Spooner Lake trailhead, but plan for late morning. I’ll post a meeting time later in the week, and you’re welcome to shoot me an email if you’d like to attend or learn more. moserjd@gmail.com

Trip to Oakland
Riding in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA – September 08

The plan is to ride up North Canyon to Marlette Lake, ride out the Flume Trail to Tunnel Creek, and then hop on the Tahoe Rim Trail to get back to Marlette Lake. A trail map can be found on the Flume Trail website HERE.

Tahoe Rim Trail / Flume Trail Loop
View from the Flume Trail

In attendance will be Ryan (aka Smudgemo) from Berkeley, CA, Brian from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Lauren and Morgan from Oakland, CA. We all met through each other’s cycling blogs a few years ago. Come ride with us, and enjoy the trails at Lake Tahoe!

Tahoe Rim Trail / Flume Trail Loop
Lunch Stop on Marlette Peak, Tahoe Rim Trail

19 thoughts on “Flume Trail Ride Scheduled

  1. Jeff left out the best part. We are planning a mexican food feast back at our condo after the ride. All are welcome there too. Just need to know in advance so my wife Rene can secure enough food and adult beverages!
    Gonna be fun!!

  2. Post ride? He just opened the possibility of skipping the ride and heading straight for the food and beer!!!

  3. “and then hop on the Tahoe Rim Trail to get back to Marlette Lake.”

    You say that like it’s such a simple thing to do. Are you sneaking in some high elevation suffering for your out of town guests? ie Tunnel Creek to the switch backs to the Peak?

  4. Hey, wait a minute here. I signed up for the Flume Trail Sight-seeing Excursion. You know, the one where they drive you up to the top and then it is a leasurely ride downhill back to town? That is what we’re doing, right Jeff?

  5. Asking the Carson gang to come over for an adult beverage is like asking Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck, and a few of their rowdy friends over for tea and crumpets.

    Don’t worry, Brian. I just called, and the gondola system is running all the way to the top with in-flight beverage service.

  6. Good to hear. And they will have the air on inside the gondola too, right? I do not like to sweat!
    Ummm, did I mention having adult beverages? What I was actually talking about was pomegranate Arnold Palmers and sweet tea. They are cool with that, right?

  7. “pomegranate Arnold Palmers and sweet tea”

    Them Thars … HANGIN WORDS!! Get a rope!

    Beverage Service?
    Air Conditioning?

    hahaha…Next Moser will be promising a tailwind for the entire ride.

  8. I don’t think a gondola is needed, I heard that they fixed the road and did away with all the climbs!
    Also, your plan is backwards and against all mountain bike rules of ethics, conduct and philosophy: When riding a loop, you NEVER climb the singletrack and descend on roads. The TRT descent from Marlette to Twin Lakes is silly fun and the flume backwards is the same as forwards = nothing lost.

  9. Couple things: The Only way to get to Marlette Peak is by single track, there is no backward or forward route on the Flume as it all depends on where you start and where is Twin Lakes?

  10. What Keith (Mr. Hanks) means, is to ride that section south to north, climbing up the steep double track. I can see the north face of Marlette Peak being a blast to come down, but the double track leading out of Marlette is brutal! Especially after just climbing North Canyon. You still get a nice single track descent coming off Marlette Peak heading south too…just not all the way down to the lake.

    Having said that, I’m not opposed going counter clockwise if that’s what people want to do…

    Twin Lakes are usually dry…the little valley you go through off of Tunnel Creek when beginning your ascent up the TRT.

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