Road Bikes at High Noon

The Tour de France is underway, and it has a lot of people thinking about road biking. Lately, we’ve been swapping the lunchtime mountain bike rides for some longer road rides out in Washoe Valley. Luckily we have flexible work shcedules, so we can get some extra time for the Franktown loop which is about 22 miles from the office. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, the Old 395/Franktown loop can be ridden clockwise or counterclockwise with equal amounts of enjoyment.

Big Sky, Long Road
Old 395 thru Washoe Valley

It’s been nice for me to get more miles on the road bike, because I can get more exercise in without getting beat up on the mountain. It’s also a thrill to eat up the miles at such a rapid rate, and see more of the countryside. Personally, I like to scare myself at a lower rate of speed on the mountain bike, but it is fun to watch your buddies bomb the hills. Scott R hit 51 miles per hour coming down Combs Canyon back into Carson City!

Jesse, Jeff, Scott R
Los Tres Amigos

Viewing wildlife is not confined to the off-road trails either. We spotted this young coyote up near Bower’s Mansion that was asking to have its picture taken.

Little Coyote
Little Coyote

I foresee more of our lunchtime gang getting road bikes in the near future. We’re all hardcore mountain bikers, but the road bike provides a nice alternative and prevents the trails from becoming monotonenous.

5 thoughts on “Road Bikes at High Noon

  1. Oakley M-Frame, Fire Iridium Hybrid… And just in case you’re asked about your other lens, G30 Hybrid…

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