My First Bicycle

I’m currently on the other side of the country visiting family, and we were recently going through old photos when I found this treasure. I think this picture is from 1977, and this is my first bicycle. My dad rescued it from the dump, and fixed it up with some new tires and electrical tape.

My First Bike!  1977?
My First Bike!

I still remember my first solo ride. I was telling my dad not to let go of the back, but he wasn’t answering me. I looked back, and was horrified to see him 100 yards behind me waving! I panicked, and dumped the bike on the street.

I remember liking this bike quite a bit until one day, one of the neighbor kids told me it was a girls bike. I didn’t believe him, and went to my dad to clear things up. Once it was confirmed to be a girls bike, it wasn’t long until I got my first boy’s Schwinn Stingray. Now to find a picture of that bike…

I’m still scratching my head, wondering why they stopped putting backrests on bicycle saddles. Seems likea good idea to me! Sure would make those long hill climbs relaxing.

11 thoughts on “My First Bicycle

  1. Moser rides a girls bike, Moser rides a girls bike! Just kidding, but if you lived in my neighborhood that’s what you would have heard.
    It was thoughtful and caring of your dad to find you a bike and set you on your love of bikes journey.

  2. Wow! You look just like Charlie. I guess I shouldnt be amazed. The Lounge seat- someone should make those again,there has to be a market for that on a cruiser bike.

  3. When I was a kid, we called that “backrest” a “sissy bar,” but it wasn’t derogatory. A tall sissy bar was the ultimate accessory for a banana seat. I always wanted a really big one, but I never got one that rose more than a couple of inches beyond the top of my seat.

    If you had a big sissy bar and a chopper fork, you were The Shit. (Don’t know if that applied for guys on girl’s bikes, though!)

  4. Tim-
    That is sooooo Funny! True, I remember this kid on my street had the chopper forks and the huge “sissy bar” which WAS cool. Us regular kids could hardly talk to him because he was soo cool. Years later a kid got a bike that looked like a motocross motorcycle with a plastic gas tank and fenders… That was way cool too. There was a kid who rode on a girls bike too, and he ended up getting some rope and tieing it from the stem to the seat post in an attempt to transform it and avoid ridicule… which failed completely of course.

  5. moser, if you really want a backrest, i’d say you score yourself a recumbent. you’ll get a back rest, a couple flags, a tiny TV and a little cooler chest, maybe even a fairing so it’s like your own fighter plane!

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