Bicycle Addiction Spreading

I’m just getting back on the bike after a week vacation, so I thought I’d share a story of another Carson City rider. My friend Bob is another local blogger, and has been a regular reader of Bike Carson for a long time. Over the time I’ve been reading his blog, I’ve seen him go from a casual rider trying to get motivated to ride more, to an addicted bicycling junkie looking for his next ride.  He’s even named his bikes.  How sick is that?

Bob's bike "Kash" on his ride up to Silver City
Bob's bike "Kash" on his ride up to Silver City

“Kash” – Photo by Bob Moore

Here’s a quote from one of Bob’s recent posts:

I’ve had my street bike a little over a month now and it helped me finally break through the steel floor that was my diet but it hasn’t come cheap. In the month and a week since the Kona has taken over my life, I’ve spent nearly thirty hours of perfectly good slacker time in the saddle burning up 20,000 calories. I was happy in the “old days” when I got five or six miles under my belt but now I’m averaging 10 miles a ride and I do rides twice a day now.

Bob keeps exploring further away from his house, making runs out to Bowers Mansion and even up to Silver City. He had 245 biking miles in June, and is going for 300 plus in July. I suspect he’ll meet his goal quite easily. Congratulations on your addiction, Bob! There are many of us that can “sympathize” with you.

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