Tales from the Death Ride

The Tour of the California Alps was held a couple weekends ago, or as most of the riders call it, the Death Ride. Many riders from Carson City were in attendance, including our friends Brent and Sandie Ruybalid.

Brent and Sandie - Monitor Pass
Brent and Sandie - Monitor Pass

Here is an excerpt from their story as told by Brent:

Somehow I talked Sandie into suffering with me this year as we did the Tour of the California Alps. The whole ride is 129 miles, 5 mountain passes, with 15,000 feet of climbing. We did 88 miles, 4 passes, and 12,000 feet. Not too bad considering we didn’t have time to train very well. It was harder than I remembered, but just as fun.

Continue reading the rest of their story on their blog HERE.

Great job guys!

4 thoughts on “Tales from the Death Ride


    So good to have locals in the event.

    Thanks, Sandie, Brent and Marcus…probably others but those I know.

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