6 thoughts on “Lincoln Highway: Sierra Nevada Southern Route

  1. Great report. I did this ride with a friend 2 weeks ago. The only difference is we went up Clear Creek and down Kings Canyon. It was 30 miles round trip. I’ve read in the paper in the last week that Clear Creek is in danger of being gated off by the residence living up there. It is a private road. This would be a huge shame.

  2. I started riding Clear Creek before that jeep was left up there and that section of road was still ridable.

  3. It has been awesome that I have had the opportunity to enjoy Kings Canyon and/or the Lincoln highway for so many years. They have both changed so much over the years from floods, dead trees falling on the trail, over growth of bushes, and repairs from the national forrest service or destruction due to the property owner at the top of Clear Creek that dug huge trenches in the old road back in the early 90’s to keep cars from driving up and through his property. Also, the trail used to come out right by the end of where you first hit Highway 50 until they put the big cement guard along it and moved the gate to their property up about 50 more yards to where it is now. I once was coming down it just as the owner and his family where leaving and he told me not to go on his property. I asked nicely if I could cross and he still said no but he acted like he just wanted to give me a bad time. I did it anyway as they drove away. The next year he put up all the road markers on the side of the gate to keep us out.

    So I take it that you, Jesse, and Scott went under the gate to go down Clear Creek? I wish there was another trail to avoid that property but again hopefully by the time the police get there to arrest us we would be long gone. I would like to create another trail but now that it is going to be closed off it might be a mute point.

  4. We went near that gate, yes. Let’s say we outflanked and hoodwinked the gate as to appear ignorant. I don’t like going where I’m not wanted so we took great care to take ninja steps in order to promote cohesion.

    I hope something good comes out of all this because it is a really neat canyon.

  5. I didn’t know there was a meeting on Clear Creek road the other night but I caught the story on NewsCarsonCity.com with Dave Morgan last night. What a mess! but I do like the fact that the Washo land is going to be gated off too because that will show the Owners above that area that their not the only ones that can pull that crap. Now they will have to drive on the road owned by the new development up there. Hopefully the development will block that one off too. Then let them figure out how to get to their property. Do I sound bitter? Just pissed. I couple of times a owner close to the end of the paved road almost hit me by driving by me extremely close. Do they think hitting a rider was alright since I had no right to be there? It wasn’t even a section of their property. Karmas a real you know what.

    The owners are offered a deal of $3700 spread out over a number of years to fix the road and keep it public if the counties can get the state and all the property owners to go in on it. I think they should take it, but I bet they won’t. They think we should pay for the road and let them keep it private. They won’t win and it’s going to get real ugly, just watch. I will have to check the Nevada Appeal site and see what they have on it.

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