Bikes & Brews


The last couple of Tuesdays we didn’t do too much riding, so I’ll stop calling this a cruiser ride. Bikes & Brews (thanks Jeff) is more like it. If you would like to join us for a few post work brews, pedal down to Dopplegangers at 5:30.

Buy the Bike Carson contributors a round of drinks and you may get a chance to win a dream date with this Carson City loco.

Hope to see you there.

5 thoughts on “Bikes & Brews

  1. I won’t make this one. FREE ice cream at my son’s school trumps $2 pints. Especially with these furlough pay checks…

    And sorry about Bike Carson being down most of the morning. Our host has been having lots of problems lately!

  2. I will get even with Potter for this post. A rock or 2 will be moved just enough to drive him crazy. Enough for him to write a book, ‘who moved my rock’…

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