Daily Mile Revisited

It’s been just over a year since I started using the Daily Mile to keep track of my bicycle mileage. As of this writing, I have 2,050 miles logged for the year. This number isn’t huge to the touring or road training cyclist, but it’s not bad for someone who bikes a little bit every day. My longest ride for the year is just over 40 miles, average mountain bike ride is 9 miles, and most trips around town are 2-3 miles. All those little trips add up!

Morning Commute
Morning Commute

A mile is not a mile, that is, some miles are easy and others require a degree of suffering. Coasting to work on the road bike is completely different than climbing the Creek Trail on a single speed; however, it’s good to have an overall picture of what has been accomplished for the year.

And mileage is just part of the equation. Time may actually be a better indicator. According to the Daily Mile, I’ve been in the saddle 233 hours. That’s 9.7 days of doing something I love. That’s 233 hours of not being in a car, sitting down at the buffet, or out recreational shopping.

It also says I have burned 185,558 calories. Again this number is only partially accurate, but if even in the ball park, this is substantial. That’s a lot of pizza and beer! In a country awash in best selling diet books and celebrity backed diets, we are still a nation of overweight people. Over fed, under nourished, and under exercised. All three of these areas need to be addressed to maintain a healthy weight and healthy body. I ride bikes because I enjoy it, and seldom think of the the exercise aspect. It’s just another one of those perks of riding a bike. A pleasant by-product of having fun.

And finally, the Daily Mile says my average speed over these 2,050 miles has been just over 8 miles per hour. Sure there have been many fast and crazy descents, but most of these miles have been spent enjoying the scenery, taking pictures, laughing with friends, and being in the moment. Just riding along at the speed of life.

7 thoughts on “Daily Mile Revisited

  1. you are my hero Jeff!
    seriously, i am impressed with your commitment to and love of bicycling. we all aspire to live up to that ideal. keep up the good work and showing all of us that it can be done!
    P.S. considering the amount of food and beer you consume, i think you’re efforts are just enough to stay even! :^)

  2. That’s awesome dude! I was thinking about checking my Garmin and adding up my miles for the year. If I do, I’ll comment here. Not sure it will be as high as you though. The short trips really add up for sure and I have not been commuting lately.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, all!

    Brian, “considering the amount of food and beer you consume, i think you’re efforts are just enough to stay even! ” Ain’t that the truth! There are days when I have to pass on that 3rd bowl of ice cream so I can still fit into my bike shorts.

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