Friday Link Love

It’s been a slow week for me as far as writing and taking pictures goes, so I thought I’d share a few sites that have caught my eye lately. Enjoy!

Bike and Brew Tour – I’ve always enjoyed following bicycle tours across the country. Reading the daily journals of these adventures make you feel like you are part of the journey. The Bike and Brew Tour will eventually cross NV along Interstate 80, stopping in Sparks to visit more breweries. The journey has just begun…check it out!

The Bike and Brew Tour is a cross country bike tour going from New York City to Seattle, stopping at as many craft breweries as possible along the way. The tour starts August 31st, 2009!

Bike and Brew Tour leaving Brooklyn

Betty Mountain Girl

I’ve become more interested in bicycle camping and touring lately, and I’ve found Betty’s site to be a wealth of good resources on the subject:

Hi! I am Betty Mountain Girl. I’m outside everyday mountain biking, hiking, trail running, kayaking, fishing, or just plain ol’ having adventures in the outdoors. I don’t claim to be an outdoor expert. In fact, it is through my unexpertness that I have the most laugh- out-loud, side-stitching, dirt-diving, incredible outdoor moments. Join me in the fun. Get out!

Bike Touring
Bicycle Touring by Betty MountainGirl

The Cyclist

The cyclists looks like a promising site, with many cycling topics that are interesting to my cycling lifestyle. Guitar Ted, one of the guys behind The Cyclist (and the main writer of, had this to say about his new site:

We are envisioning a site that we hope to see grow into more than it is now, but basically we are telling the story of what is going on that we feel consumers will find enlightening, inspirational, and useful for their cycling needs and interests. That includes gear reviews, stories about the industry, and stories about adventures. These are things not limited to mountain biking, but we are obviously starting out with that as our basis. We want to include “all terrain” type riding, touring, urban riding, and commuting at some point along the way to fully encompass where we feel the majority of cyclists are finding fun and adventure. (Note: we are pretty intentional about not covering racing. There are many and far better sites and mags that are doing a bang up job with that style of cycling.)

Of course, racing is important, but again, there are more things going on that are not “racing” as it is commonly thought of, that are interesting, and we are aiming more in that direction. Things that are “challenging”, adventurous, and “out there” are fair game. These events may be called races, but we all understand that they are really something very different. I want to help tell that story as well.

Bike Shop Girl

Arleigh, formerly a writer for a few of the sites in the Crooked Cog Network (Commute by Bike, Blue Collar MTB, 650B, etc), has started a new writing adventure. Currently working in a large East Coast bike shop, she shares her years of bike shop experience and knowledge, with a focus on women’s cycling. Arleigh says her inspiration for the new site was the frustration of misinformation or women being ignored or scared of going into shops.

Every bike shop doesn’t have the knowledge or advantage of having an experienced woman on staff to aid you in learning your way through the cycling experience. That is what Bike Shop Girl is for. Please ask questions and go through the archives in your hunt to be safer, stronger and comfortable on a bike.

6 thoughts on “Friday Link Love

  1. Thanks, Luke. If anyone has other links they’d like to share or want me to add your site to the side bar, let me know!

    Brian…I know! Wish I would have done something cool like that in my early 20’s when I had all sorts of time to do things. I’m planning for future bike tours right now, but the logistics will be a lot more difficult.

  2. Thanks for sharing these (and including me!) I love the Bike and Brew one and just added the others to my bloglines. Love that bike shop girl too!

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