Bike Carson NEWS Briefs

Would you like to see bike lanes on Roop Street?

On Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 (tonight!), the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission will be having a public meeting at the Carson City Community Center. This meeting will begin in the Sierra Room immediately after the adjournment of the CAMPO meeting, which begins at 5:30 P.M. (I’ll try to get a ballpark time for the actual meeting and post it here later today.)

UPDATE! The CAMPO meeting should wrap up around 6PM, the CCRTC meeting will begin shortly after that. Hope to see you there!

Muscle Powered is concerned that plans for the future widening of Roop Street do not include bike lanes. Roop Street is the only street in the city besides HWY 395 that takes you all the way across town, from near the county line in the south (on Silver Sage which becomes Roop Street), all the way north to College Parkway, with easy access to Arrowhead drive and the Freeway bike path. Several miles of this road already have bike lanes, and it just makes sense to finish the job. Especially since the area in question serves as a main route into downtown, including the Carson City Community Center, Swim Center, Public Library, and the State Capitol Complex. We need to create safe bicycling routes to where we work, shop, go to school, and recreate.

Thanks to a letter that Muscle Powered sent, the following is on tonight’s agenda:

Staff has recently received comments regarding the design of Phase II of the Roop Street widening project as it relates to the Carson City Unified Pathways Master Plan. Some residents have asked why dedicated bicycle lanes were not included in the design. Staff will provide information about the project and the planned improvements to be made.

I don’t believe the public will be allowed to comment on the issue tonight, but there will be discussion among the commission members. If you would like to see Roop Street become a complete street, with accommodations for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers, please come down and show your support! We need to show the commission that there are other users of the roadways besides cars, and we need to be considered when planning new construction.

Bike Path
New Freeway Bike Ride! (picture by Bob Moore)

Carson City Freeway Bike/Run/Walk

On Saturday, September 19th, NDOT will be hosting the Carson City Freeway Bike/Run/Walk event. The new section of the 395 Bypass will not be open to cars until October, but this special event will allow human powered transportation to travel the new freeway exclusively. Muscle Powered will be assisting NDOT with a FREE bike safety check before the ride. Fleet Feet will be hosting a run at 8:00 AM, and after that, bicyclists and walkers will be allowed to go at will until 11:00 am.

Access to the new sections of bicycle paths will be made available on this day as well. There will be a temporary opening in the freeway at the 5th Street bridge, so that bicyclists can explore the new bike path that will connect Governors Field to the Mexican Ditch Trail. Portions of this bike path will close again after the event, to be opened again at the official opening of the Freeway in October. The staging area for this event will be at the freeway entrance by the Gold Dust West Casino. I’ll have more information available as we get closer to the event date.

The PDF flyer for this event can be downloaded at the NDOT site HERE.

Muscle Powered
Muscle Powered Bike Rack at the BAC missing!

Muscle Powered Bike Rack Missing

The Muscle Powered bicycle rack at the Brewery Arts Center has gone missing! Emails sent to the BAC have gone unanswered, so I plan to go there on Tuesday to get complete details. The concrete is damaged where the bolts were, so it doesn’t appear to have been removed gracefully. Full details to come…

UPDATE! The Muscle Powered Rack has been found! Apparently it had been getting loose, and finally came undone at one of the events. BAC staff put the rack in the building for safe keeping until someone could be contacted. The rack needs to be remounted into the concrete, but we need someone with these skills!

New Sign at the Top of the Creek Trail
New signpost at the top of the Creek Trail

New Signposts in Ash Canyon

Riders of the Ash Canyon Trail System may have noticed that there are new signposts installed along the Ash Canyon access road. Two of the signposts are very near the entrance and exit of the Creek Trail. A call to Carson City Parks and Recreation confirmed that the signs are being installed as part of a Boy Scout project, but I don’t have the details of the project yet. It sounds like there are more signs higher up the road as well, so the two lower signs may not have anything to do with the trail. They may be merely pointing out sites of historical interest. I should know more on the details of the project by the end of the week.

New sign at the Bottom of the Creek Trail
New signpost at the bottom of the Creek Trail

5 thoughts on “Bike Carson NEWS Briefs

  1. A visit to the Brewery Arts Center produced no further information about the missing Muscle Powered Bike Rack. Everyone was in a staff meeting! Left my name and number.

  2. Muscle Powered Rack at the BAC found! Apparently the mounting bolts failed, and it was brought into the BAC for safe keeping. We just need to find someone to help us remount it.

  3. Jeff- I will remember your thourough investigative skills if I ever need to hire a P.I. If they BAC chooses not to re-install… I would gladly place it in a prominent position in front of my shop…. of course with a generous donation to Muscle Powered.

  4. I have no mechanical skills but the college has a decent voc-tech department. They had a student do some welding for me at a reasonable cost a few years ago.

  5. Thanks for the info on the freeway bike/run/walk event. I will have to make this one. I messed up and missed out on the first one they had.

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