Road Surface Improvements on Carson's West Side

Road bikers rejoice! The city has been doing road surface improvements in Carson City’s northwest quadrant. Cracks have been sealed, and the streets have been resurfaced on many of the main cycling routes. One road that stands out in particular is Combs Canyon Road, since it is part of the HWY 395 Bicycle Route and allows you to reach high speeds on the way down. Previously it was full of cracks and holes that took careful navigation of your skinny tires, but with the new surface, it’s bombs away!

Combs Canyon
Combs Canyon

The 2 inch expansion cracks are gone from Timberline Road, making this route once again pleasant to ascend and descend. Mountain Street, one of the main north/south routes on the west side has also been resurfaced. I’m looking forward to improvements on the northeast side too, but not sure when they’ll come. Some of the expansion cracks on Arrowhead drive will knock the water bottle right out of its cage! Until then, enjoy the smooth rolling on Carson City’s west side.

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