Bike Events this Weekend

Rest up on Saturday, because there’s a lot going on this Sunday! Whether you’re into slow urban cruising around the streets of Reno and Sparks, or mountain biking the High Sierra, you’ll find plenty to do this weekend.

Poker Run
Gonads-n-Strife Poker Run 2009

Reno’s famous cruiser ride is back again, the Gonads-n-Strife Fall Poker Run. From the Gonads-n-Strife website, “Don’t be fooled by knockoffs, this is the original gonads-n-strife bike club bicycle poker run you’ve come to know and love, with high hand winning the one and only New Belgium Fat Tire Cruiser! This Fall we promise even more great raffle prizes and as usual a fantastic fun filled day of cycling! See you there!” More on the G&S website HERE.

Galena Fest 2009

Galena Fest 2009 – And now for the mountain biking. On September 27, 2009 Reno community members will be gathering at Galena Creek Regional Park for the outdoor fundraiser, Galena Fest.

Galena Fest focuses on two major mountain bike races, The Bloody Rose – nearly 12 miles and 4,000 feet and The Thorn – an easier 5 mile ride. There are also several other family friendly events including mountain bike races for kids, a sand castle contest, beer provided by Buckbean Brewery and a barbecue.

For more information visit and a press release covering the event at

10 thoughts on “Bike Events this Weekend

  1. Bustigator – I was talking to Mike H about riding up there, and we’d like to get the Carson crew up there to check out the trails. I haven’t ridden Keystone since the early 90’s! Let’s start planning something.

  2. This poker run is NOT a slow cruise. It’s more like a “poker race”. It’s still fun and family friendly. The time on the bike is not an overly fast pace, but don’t expect to relax and have a bite to eat or more than one beer at any of the stops. Fuel up before and eat at the end.

  3. I’m the president of the gonads-n-strife bicycle club, and you have 4 hours to travel a simple 10 miles! There is plenty of time to eat and drink on my cruise, and besides, it’s for charity and nothing but positive! Thank you all so very much for coming out, and of course we’ll see you the last sunday in May, for the spring ride!

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