Lone Mountain Trail

Not a destination trail due to its short length, the Lone Mountain Trail is still fun to ride as a connector trail when riding between two destinations. The trail follows the ridgeline of Lone Mountain, and parallels Roop Street between Northridge Drive and Winnie Lane.

Lone Mountain Singletrack
Northridge Trailhead

The Northridge Drive trailhead is at the high point of Northridge Drive, just up the hill from Roop Street. Just follow the switchbacks up from the parking lot.

Lone Mountain Trail
Above Northridge

As you ride along the ridge, you are treated to fantastic views of the Northridge neighborhood and the Lone Mountain Cemetery to the east, and Carson City, Kings Canyon, and Ash Canyon to the west.

Lone Mountain Trail
Looking towards Kings Canyon

The trail is fairly easy overall, but there are a couple challenging sections to practice your skills. There is one particularly short, steep, rocky climb that I didn’t make on my singlespeed, but was able to crawl up on my full suspension bike. Because of the little challenges, it’s not a bad place to test out new settings or equipment if you live in the neighborhood.

Lone Mountain Trail
Roop Street/Winnie Lane Trailhead

The south entrance of the trail is at the intersection of Roop Street and Winnie Lane. Look for the trail entrance just to the north of the cemetery.

Goat Heads (Puncture Vine)
Puncture Vine (aka Goat Head Thorn) at the Winnie Lane Trailhead

Be careful when exiting or entering the trail at Winnie Lane though. The trailhead below the Russian Olive tree has puncture vine (aka goat head thorns) growing at the entrance. Instead, stick to the cemetery fence line to avoid getting a flat tire.

5 thoughts on “Lone Mountain Trail

  1. We used to climb that hill to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. Good view of Mills park.

    And them thorns look suspiciously like the ones that got my front tire over on the east side of town. No damage to the tire but the tube went flat real fast.

  2. I actually found the thorns by running over them! Luckily I was riding the bike with the Stan’s No-Tube system in it. I pulled the thorns out, and just kept riding. Everything sealed up nicely.

  3. When I was a kid we called those sticker bushes. Is there any real need for these thorns in the environment? They suck!

    I use slime and thick tubes and it works most of the time but a couple of weeks ago up on the westside I wasn’t so lucky.

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