Wilson Commons Park

Located on the west side of Washoe Valley, Wilson Commons Park makes a great rest stop for cyclists. Since there are no signs for the park on Old Highway 395, the park is not well known. The quiet pond side setting makes it the perfect place for riders to take a break or have a picnic.

Wilson Commons Park
Park Entrance on Susan Lee Circle Road

To get to the park from Carson City, head north on Old Highway 395. Turn right (east) on William Brent Road just before you get to the north entrance of Franktown Road. Turn left (north) on Susan Lee Circle Road to get to the park entrance. The park is just off the main road, and once you’re there, you’ll wonder how you missed it all these years! A Google map of the park’s location can be found HERE.

Wilson Commons Park
Picnic near the pond

Riders looking for a bathroom break along the Franktown loop will be pleased to learn that there is an outhouse on the north side of the park. This may be more convenient than going all the way north to Bowers Mansion depending on your route.

I looked for a faucet for refilling water bottles, but didn’t see one. Further exploration of the park is needed, and I’ll update this post if I find a water source.

Wilson Commons Park
View of the park to the north

In addition to a picnic area with fantastic views of the Sierras, there is a tennis court and fishing pond. The Fish the West site says the pond is stocked with trout. I fished there years ago and didn’t catch anything, but this was due to my ineptness with a fly rod. I’m sure you’ll have better luck.

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