Come Support Bike Lanes in Carson City

Thanks to action taken by Muscle Powered, Bike Lanes are back on the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) agenda for the Roop Street widening project. Muscle Powered would like to see bike lanes included on the section of Roop Street between Beverly Drive on the north and Washington Street on the south. If you would like to see Roop Street completed to accommodate bicycles, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please come to the RTC meeting on Wednesday, October 14th at 5:30 PM at the Carson City Community Center, located at the corner of Roop Street and Highway 50 (ironically, the Community Center is located on this very route…the center of the city, with no bike lanes).  The item might come up about 6:00, but better to be there early rather than late.

Commuter Convoy
Bike Commuters on Roop Street

Last month, about 7 of us showed up to show our support for the bike lanes on Roop Street. This was enough of a message for continued discussion, but we need a much stronger message this time! There will be a chance to voice your opinion after the RTC discussion, but you don’t have to speak to show your support. Just being in the room will show the RTC that it’s not just a few die-hards that are interested in bike lanes. Don’t assume someone else will be there to represent you. If you can be there, we need you!

Roop Street is the only real north–south bicycle route available in Carson City, extending from Arrowhead Drive in the north to Clear Creek Avenue in the south, a distance of nearly six miles. All other north-south routes require zig-zagging back and forth across town to connect street sections, while Roop Street and its extensions of Silver Sage Drive to the south and Emerson Drive to the north offer the potential for a complete, linear bicycle route. If the section of Roop Street between Washington Street and Beverly Drive is reconstructed without bicycle lanes, this opportunity will be lost forever, with acceptable alternatives very unlikely.

More information from the Muscle Powered Blog:

Roop Street widening on agenda Oct 14
Originally posted by Dan Allison on the Muscle Powered Blog

The Roop Street widening project will be on the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) agenda again this month. This is an informational item, no decisions will be made, but it would be great if Muscle Powered members and supporters attend to show our continued interest and concern on this issue.

The Carson City Public Works staff has come up with some ideas to mitigate the lack of bicycle facilities in the original project plan, and will present these ideas to the commission. This is the section of Roop St between Beverly Dr on the north and Washington St on the south.

The meeting is Wednesday, October 14, in the Sierra Room of the Community Center, and starts at 5:30. Roop St is item G-2. The item might come up about 6:00, but better to be there early rather than late.

From the official RTC agenda:

G-2 Informational update on the design of Phase II of the Roop Street widening project.

Staff Summary: City staff and engineering consultants are currently evaluating modifications to the design for Phase II of the Roop Street widening project that would allow for the provision of bicycle lanes along the entire length of the project. Staff will provide preliminary information regarding potential changes to the design, right-of-way acquisition, overall project costs, impacts to motor vehicle capacity, and schedule for implementation of the project.

From the Carson City website:

RTC Meeting
Date: 10/14/2009 5:30 PM
Location: Community Center, Sierra Room
851 East William Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701

The RTC Meeting will begin immediately following the CAMPO Meeting, which begins at 5:30 PM.

For additional information regarding this meeting or RTC in general, please contact RTC staff at 887-2355.

10 thoughts on “Come Support Bike Lanes in Carson City

  1. Anyone else coming?

    I have 9 confirmed attendees and 12 maybes in my Facebook Invite. We need more people!

    Remember…in Portland, hundreds show up to ride naked. I’m just asking that you come to a meeting. It’ll be fun!

  2. I’m on the fence on having bike lanes at busy intersections like the one at 50 or Williams and Roop st. Unfortunately, I find that motorist tend to ignore or out speed bike riders and I’m not sure that that is a good intersection for people to be using to go across 50 on. I usually go across at Valley or down by Mills park when there’s a brake in traffic.

    Jesse, you could always have the beer waiting outside? But I don’t drink alcohol so I wouldn’t want one. Bring me a caffiene free diet coke please. Just kidding, I won’t be there.

  3. We cross at Valley right now, and dart across HWY 50 into the Ben’s Liquor parking lot. It works, but we should be ashamed that this is the safest way to get across 50 in this part of town. Parkinglots aren’t bike routes; they aren’t safe. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this method to a new commuter either.

    Roop Street is ideal, since it has bike lanes at the north and south, and is the only continuous north and south road besides main street. It’s also a relatively low speed area. When we do cross at Roop Street during 5PM traffic, it’s easy to pass as many as 30 cars. If they pass you, you catch up again at the next light. The problem is that you’re riding in an area that’s only a few inches wide, with a gutter that’s in bad shape.

    Additionally, Roop Street is a main connector to other bike routes around the city. Some of the other bike lanes around town would become much more useful if connected by Roop Street. Roop Street at Lone Mountain is already planned with Bike Lanes. Wouldn’t it be nice to ride on Roop all the way north and connect to the Northridge area?

    Ride on Saliman and South Roop/Silver Sage, and you can see how nice bike lanes work with similar traffic. Actually, the traffic is moving much quicker there…

  4. Additionally, The Carson City Unified Pathways Master Plan that the RTC should be following has the following guidelines for bike lanes.

    Excerpts from the Unified Pathways Master Plan:

    UPMP Goals (page 1-4)

    1. Create a continuous transportation system that provides non-automobile mobility and access to important destinations such as employment centers, schools, government and public institutional centers, commercial, and parks and open space recreational areas.

    8. Provide a continuous transportation system which emphasizes east/west and north/south connectivity.

    UPMP Objectives (page 1-4)

    1. Complete the “missing links” to ensure a continuous network of pathways that are free of gaps and barriers.

    4. Accommodate bicyclists’ safely on roadways by providing on-street bicycle lanes on collector and minor arterial roadways, where physically possible.

    General Master Plan Policies (page 1-8)

    1. The UPMP is intended to be a “living document,” that is, reflective of current attitudes, conditions, and needs. To 1. remain so, the Master Plan must be reviewed and updated regularly, at least annually.

    Bike Lane Policies (page 8-3)

    1. Consider bicycles to the same extent as other travel modes in all aspects of developing the transportation system.

    9. Use the following criteria to assign priorities to bicycle lane projects:

    * address safety or hazardous conditions
    * provide key bicycle linkages in the urban area of the Carson City first
    * provide access to community activity centers (parks, schools, etc.)
    * take advantage of bicycle lanes provided by roadway improvement projects by providing key linkages
    * complete planned bicycle lanes or trails
    * provide linkages to the transit and school bus systems

  5. Thanks for the information. Are you stating the bike lanes are going to go from the light at Northridge where they already exist over Lone Mountain to meet up with the lanes from Beverly st if they are added to the plan? And then are they already in the plan to go from Washington to 5th st? In which case, if this is true then the section of that road not to have them would be from Beverly to Washington, which would really be dumb and a shame. Yet at the same time, knowing Carson’s city’s management of these things it wouldn’t supprise me at all. I don’t mean to insult the current supervisors or rtc although I am opposed to an ice skating rink that loses thousands of dollars in just three months of operation.

  6. I forgot to mention I don’t like to ride on busy roads because I don’t like to breath all the exhaust fumes and put up with the rude drivers, but that’s just a personal preference and if the majority doesn’t have a problem with it then the lanes should be added.

  7. I believe the lanes that are ALREADY in the plan will continue the current lanes from Northridge over Lone Mountain to Winnie. From Winnie to Beverly would have to be restriped…that may be a whole other project. I haven’t heard of any plans from Washington to 5th yet, but at least there’s a parallel road only 1 block to the west that will take you from Washington to 1 block north of 5th.

  8. Thanks for speaking, Luke! Yes, it turned out great. I believe we had had cyclists seated in every row. And believe me, the commissioner’s mood was a lot different that last month. They may have brushed us off had it not been for the high turnout. I hear that’s the biggest crowd they’ve seen for quite some time.

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