Louis Garneau T-Cover Review

I’ve been looking for a lightweight shoe cover for cold weather riding. My thick neoprene covers work great when the conditions are wet and really cold, but they can be bulky and cumbersome.  Kristy recently brought me home a pair of Louis Garneau T-Covers from the Bike Habitat that seemed to be just what I was looking for.

Louis Garneau T-Covers on the trail

A cold front moved through the area this week, bringing temperatures in the 20s and 30s with freezing windchill.  This gave me the opportunity to try the T-Covers for bicycle commuting and a lunchtime trail ride.

Here is what I like about the T-Cover’s.

  • They cover most of the forefoot, but leave the top two buckles accessible.  This makes it convenient to get the shoe on and off without peeling the shoe cover halfway off.
  • Although they stop the wind, there is still enough airflow to keep your foot dry.  One problem with the full neoprene covers is that they get wet from the inside, since the perspiration is unable to vent to the outside.
  • There is enough material on the toe of the  T-Cover to keep it from peeling off.  I have problems with my neoprene booties coming off the toe when bumped or if I step in the snow.
  • Allows me to use my summer cycling shoes and clipless pedals into the winter.
  • When paired with a thick wool sock, keeps my feet reasonably warm for an hour ride in the mountains.
  • Logos on the shoe are reflective for night riding.
  • There are cleat knob openings on the sole if you have toe cleats on your mountain bike shoes.
  • Reasonably priced at around $25.

Here’s an description from the Louis Garneau website on the material used in construction of the T-Cover:

Stopzone ® – Fabric 80% nylon and 20% spandex . Its coating, perforated with thousands of micropores cross-linked in a honeycomb structure, blocks wind and rain while allowing moisture to dissipate through the fabric. This flexible fabric breathes, is wind and stress resistant even after many washings.

Top buckles are still accessible for easy access

Summary: I still recommend a full neoprene shoe cover that completely covers the ankle if you’ll be riding in rain, snow, and slush, but the Louis Garneau T-Cover works great for dry, chilly rides.  When accompanied by a nice wool sock, they’ll help keep your feet warm without adding a lot of bulk and inconvenience.

Update: After a month of continuous use, there are some tears developing on the underside around the cleat holes. Nothing too serious yet, but it does make me think that I need to be more gentle with them. I’ve had to do a fair amount of walking in the snow and mud, so I may have abused them more than what may be typical. They’d probably still be in pristine condition if I used them for road biking.

More on the manufacturer’s website HERE.

4 thoughts on “Louis Garneau T-Cover Review

  1. It is amazing how much difference a little wind block makes in the toe area. I use the Pearl Izumi toe covers on my road shoes and I love them!

    Nice review but you did not answer the most important question… will you be submitting these photos to the foot fetish site that contacted you?


  2. I don’t like wool socks. My feet don’t stay warm at all. I buy the polypropylene type at Walmart in the sports/hunting critters department. they work well.

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