Almost Full Moon Ride

Photo of a typical night ride.

Would you like to night ride?

Meet 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 3, at Pooh Corner (Winnie Ln. & Foothill Dr.). We’ll ride the Ash Canyon Trails, and depending the speed of the group (and if I can keep my mouth shut) we may include an out & back on the Longview Trail.

Please let me know if you plan on going.

10 thoughts on “Almost Full Moon Ride

  1. Jeff, Keep dreamin’! If I was naked at least there would be SOME light in the photo. Almost as much light as there would be if your ass was showing, being that yours can be seen from the space shuttle.
    I am a definate maybe… I have a couple of things to work out tomorrow. My lights are charged and the bike is ready. I have commited to a flat free ride.

  2. Toby and I did the Night ride tonight. Absolutely Amazing! Tuesdays are a no go for me but I’m sure Toby will be there.

  3. I know how much fun this ride is gonna be and from the looks of things there is gonna be a nice crowd, so PLEASE keep the whoopin n hollerin down ok folks. Some of us will be sleeping! This is one moment I’m glad the bench isn’t open yet. The beer might just be flowin if it was.

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