Trail and Bike Lane News

Pine Nut Mountains
Last Friday, Jeff Potter and I went on a field trip with the BLM.  BLM is interested in creating more of a presence in the Pine Nut Mountains, by use of designated trailheads, official routes, and trail kiosks. The BLM called in several trail user groups to get our input on how we use the trails, and where we thought the access points should be. User groups included Muscle Powered, the Carson Valley Trails Association, the Pine Nut Mountains Trails Association, The Great Basin Institute, Pine Nut Preservation League, and NASTR.  It was a great opportunity to network with other trail users, and hear other points of view.

Following BLM to El Dorado Canyon

NASTR proposes Hobart Road Trailhead
Tonight, Tuesday November 3rd, the equestrian group Nevada All-State Trail Riders is asking folks to come down to the Community Center and support a trailhead project. The meeting is at 5:30PM in the Sierra Room

NASTR proposes the improvement of the existing multi-use (non-motorized) trailhead located at the end of Hobart Rd, Carson City (Lakeview Park) as follows: relocation of the property access gate to another on-site location thereby providing for, yet restricting, vehicle access; construction of a gravel access road in a single loop configuration, wide enough to accommodate parallel parking for cars, trucks, and horse trailers; installation of equine tie-racks which double as barriers to off-road vehicle access; placement of trash receptacles; and, construction of a trailhead kiosk.

Hobart Reservoir

Roop Street Widening Project
On Wednesday November 4th at 5:30 PM in the Community Center Sierra Room, the Roop Street Widening Project will once again be on the agenda of the Regional Transportation Commission monthly meeting. Last month several cyclists showed up to support the inclusion of bike lanes in this project. Tonight, Public Works will be bringing a revised plan of the project to present to the Commissioners for review. This will be informational only, and no decisions will be made.  You can read more on this issue over on the Muscle Powered blog.  Please come down if you can, but we probably don’t need a large show of support until next month when a decision will be made.  Last month’s large attendance should be fresh in their minds for this meeting.  And of course, we’ll keep you posted of the outcome of the meeting.

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