Thursday Night Ride

Tuesday’s night ride was great!

We had a good group of riders, and the weather was perfect. The only mishap during the ride was when Jesse’s chain snapped. Fortunately Denis was there to get Jesse back in gear rather quickly.

I believe we had a chain break on the first night ride of the season last year, except it was Marcus’ chain that snapped. I think Denis repaired that chain too.

The next night ride will be Thursday November 5. Meet at Pooh Corner at 6:30 p.m.

Marcus in daylight.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night Ride

  1. That is me! ( after a few beers and a shot of Jaeger) Yes, Denis did fix my chain last year. But I do completely blame Denis for it breaking because he did not properly train me on how to lube my chain with the fancy schmancy new oil I bought. I also blame Denis for every flat I have ever had. Yeah, and in 1976 I hurt my finger, and that was his fault too. That was also Jeff Mosers fault.

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