Bike Carson Flickr Pool

There is a newly created Bike Carson photo pool over on Flickr! Who can add photos to the pool? Anyone. I was originally going to keep it local, but thought we might get more participation if we open it up to all Bike Carson Readers. So if you’re a reader or fan of Bike Carson, we want to see your photos!  The only rules are that the photo has to be about cycling or photos you took while out riding your bike, and the images have to belong to you…no copyrighted stuff from around the internet.  So get uploading!

Jeff Potter above Washoe Valley by Jesse Richardson (from the BC Flickr Pool)

Here’s how to add your photos to the pool:

  • If you don’t already have one, get a Flickr Account – (It’s free to host up to 200 images)
  • Join the Bike Carson Flickr Group –
  • After you’ve uploaded a picture to Flickr, click on the photo in your photostream you want to add to the group.
  • Once on your photo’s page, click on the “Send to Group” icon right above the picture and select the Bike Carson Group.
  • That’s it!

Once we get a few more pictures in the group, I’ll send the latest photos to the sidebar on Bike Carson.  I’ll also start selecting a photo of the week and post it on the site.

Since we’re on the subject of bicycle photography, here are a few photos that didn’t make the blog this week…

Ash Canyon Night Ride

A couple of Scotts on the Centennial Singletrack

Preparing for the downhill at Centennial

Autumn afternoon ride above Carson City

Jon on the Creek Trail – Early Fall Snow

Jesse – Ash Canyon Night Ride

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