Tuesday & Thursday Night Rides

Night riding season is here.

Due to work schedules, some mountain bikers either ride at night or don’t ride at all. So if you would like to be a part of the former, come on out and join a good group of riders for some post work pedaling.

The rides will meet every Tuesday & Thursday (the exception is Thanksgiving, unless there is interest) at Pooh Corner (Foothill Dr. & Winnie Ln.) at 6:30.

Barring severe weather conditions (white outs, downpours, 120 mph wind, Jesse’s gas), the rides will continue, but check the blog just in case.

Also, as a courtesy, if you plan on attending the ride please let us know by leaving a comment.


Word on the street is Marcus might show up to one of these night rides.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday & Thursday Night Rides

  1. I’ve designed a special containment suit. I can store them up in jars and send one to you every so often like the jelly of the month club.

    I’ve been eating a ton of cheese lately so we can start there.

  2. I may be able to swing Thursday. Next Tuesday for sure. I will do my part and eat my share of swiss cheese and Havarti, along with some hard boiled eggs and soda water. Jesse and I will re-define the meaning of ” Rad Air”

  3. Dusty and Troy, representives of Capitol Automotive will be riding tonight. What time is the meeting? 6:45 or 7 pm?

  4. I will definately be in for Thursays ride. I heard from Troy that last nights ride was very fun, except for Denis smackin his mouth really bad on a wipeout. Heard there were 9 people riding! Yee haw!

  5. I was just thinking this week that the rocky washed out turn on the 7 steps trail is getting a bit dangerous. There’s an enormous rock in the way that makes fixing that section difficult though. Suggestions? Maybe the trail should go to the uphill side of the big rock instead.

    Ouch Denis! You picked the wrong spot to crash. Hope that heals up quick. Keep the beard growing too…that’ll hide any stitches.

  6. Yeah. Denis. Hope you are ok. Timing is bad too, could have happened BEFORE halloween and you would not had to dress up. ( For some wierd reason, I did like that Peter Pan outfit though)

  7. The hour by hour forcast looks like its going to be cold and clear. some sun today so the trails wont be too mushy. Maybe creek trail will be frozen. that would be cool.
    Denis… He’s soo shy!!

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