Bike Carson Photo of the Week

Riders at Red House by Lester FitzHenry

This week’s Photo of the Week was taken by Lester FitzHenry. I recognize a few of the riders in the picture…maybe Lester can identify all of them for us. The photo was taken in front of Red House, up on Franktown Creek Road north of Hobart Reservoir (MAP).  The Red House was a part of the old water system that got water from the Sierras to Virginia City.  I meant to make it up there this year, but never did.  The last time I tried, I was blocked by snow, and now the snow is starting to fall again!  Maybe next year.  Thanks for the picture Lester!

This picture was selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

2 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photo of the Week

  1. Those ski socks are awesome!!! Mark, will you tell me where I can get a pair?

    You can’t tell from the picture, but the orange bike (Mark’s) broke a chain ring bolt around mile four or five and bent the only chainring, since he is riding a 1by 9. He was run-biking uphill and coasting down with no chain. By the end of the ride, he was getting towed by using a couple of old tubes tied together.

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