The Art of The Bacon Strip

Ride: Bike Art by Brian Raszka

How would you like to have this painting all to yourself, and support northern Nevada art and cycling at the same time? Here’s the deal from Team Bacon Strip:

I’d like to introduce Brian Raszka, local artist, commercial illustrator, web designer and cyclist. He’s a mountain biker, roadie, tourer and urban commuter who eats the best organic, chemical free, free range bacon you can buy. And he wants to help support The Bacon Strip by letting us auction off this painting to pay for new stickers, patches, banners, and hosting.

Bidding will start @ $35 with a buy-it-now of $150. Auction ends Nov 24, 200910:07:44 PST. Some of the proceeds, depending on the final price, will go to fund TBS and BikeCarson Hosting. The rest goes to Brian.

More information can be found over on The Bacon Strip.

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