Tuesday/Thursday Night Rides


For Tuesday & Thursday night rides, meet at 6:30 at Pooh Corner
(Foothill Dr. Trail Head)

Last week’s night rides were fantastic!  On Thursday’s ride, the trails had some of the best traction of the year due to a minor sprinkle of rain in the morning.  Neither night had much wind to speak of, which doesn’t happen very often around here.

Nine people showed up for the Tuesday ride, while six people (plus Zuesa, the “Energizer” dog), attended the Thursday ride. Because Toby, Zuesa’s “old man”, equips her with a reflective vest and blinking light, she makes an excellent night riding companion. She always takes the lead and stays just in front of the end of the light beam.  This situation allows the rider to approach daytime speeds at night.  What a rush!  Thanks T & Z!

Zuesa the “Energizer” dog.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday/Thursday Night Rides

  1. Z and I are bummed that we can’t make the ride tonight. I would much rather be pedaling around Ash Canyon than sitting in meetings in Southern Nevada.

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