Stolen Kona One20 Mountain Bike

It’s always painful to report, but we have another stolen bike. Dennis Black of north Reno left his mountain bike in the back of his truck overnight, and someone clipped the cable to steal it. The bike is a red, white, and blue 2009 KONA One20, serial # heb69713. Be on the lookout!

The big mistake here was leaving the bike locked in the back of the truck under the cover of darkness. Try to think of a bicycle lock as a speed bump. It’ll slow a thief down, but even the best locks and chains can be broken by experienced thieves. Sometimes the best you can hope for is that your sturdy lock will make the lesser or unlocked bikes look more attractive. If you have a bike that you really like, the best strategy is to keep it out of sight. If you have to store your bike in your car for long periods, keep it inside your vehicle under a blanket. The best bet is inside, secure storage. Don’t present an opportunity to a thief!


Here’s a video I saw over on Cyclelicious of how we sometimes wished attempted bicycle thievery turned out!

Have you ever had a bike stolen?

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