Nearly Full Moon Ride

IMG_2321 Copying.JPG

We had a large group of riders last week with a few of them riding the trails for the first time. Due to the Creek trail being a little icy we decided to change our normal night ride route. We chose to climb the double-track where Vicee Rim and 7 Steps meet. I usually find this road to be too sandy to ride, but with the recent moisture we received the climb up was quite fun. Anyone have a name for the double-track?

The ride ended without incident. I believe that everyone had fun and we all went home with our lips attached.

If you’re interested in night riding with the Bike Carson crew, please meet us Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, at 6:30, at the Pooh Corner trailhead.

Hope to see you there.

6 thoughts on “Nearly Full Moon Ride

  1. Full beaver moon. How funny is that! I think it should just be named the Vicee Rim trail all the way to avoid confusion. The whole trail goes along the canyon. Unless you want to name it after me, something like ” Marcus the Magnificent Macho Man Trail” or “Bambi Slayers Grade”… But that would be naming it after Moser…

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