West Side Road and Trail Report

Today was my first lunch ride since the big snow. The recent days have been better for hiking and other winter activities. The lunch hour slush has subsided enough now though, that it looks inviting to ride. I decided to get out and explore the west side of Carson City to see how things looked.

Winter Exploration
The V&T Bike Path is Free of Snow

The main routes, King Street, Mountain Street, Washington Street, Ormsby Blvd, and Winnie Lane, are pretty much free of ice and snow. Just about all the other streets are still full of slush and ice. I still wouldn’t recommend taking your road bike out, but you can pretty much ride all over the west side now on a mountain bike. Most of the wheel ruts in the snow are nearly worn down to the pavement, making a decent path for those with knobby tires.

Winter Exploration
The trails will be under the snow for a while

The V&T Bike path is mostly clear and open all the way from Ash Canyon Road to Combs Canyon Road. Those looking for some good exercise can do the Kings Canyon and Combs Canyon climbs, and connect them with the V&T bike path.

I rode up to the Ash Canyon singletrack trailhead, and it was apparent we won’t be riding these trails any time soon. I gave riding on the snow a shot, but it’s too warm right now. It’s slushy and greasy, making it hard to get any traction. The snow seems to be taking forever to melt, and when it does finally melt, it’ll be muddy for a few days. I think our best bet for trail riding will be the Centennial trails sometime next week.

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