12 thoughts on “Bike Carson Photos of the Week

  1. I saw some of those scalleycat riders on Nevada Day. What a bunch of juvenile ***holes. Where they actually using a parade and 1000’s of unsuspecting civilians as a race course? They had better hope they don’t get within arms reach of me or they’ll have a wad of scrap metal for a bicycle.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Kurt. Scalleycat races and other events associated with the bicycling counterculture such as Critical Mass or World Naked Bike Ride certainly are controversial. Events like these that start out with good intentions, sometimes end in mass arrests, beatings, and other violence. I’ve participated in a Critical Mass style event before, and at the time, it was hilarious to see a rider in an Indian head dress sit in front of a Hummer and block it from going anywhere. A lot of other auto traffic was blocked as well. During the event you’re living out the fantasy of sticking it back to the cars. They’re the ones that are outnumbered and are at your mercy…the roles are reversed. Looking back though, we sure didn’t win anyone over or further the bicycling cause. The next year, the event was more organized, and the cops even helped direct traffic around us. The ride was just as fun, and nobody was inconvenienced. I think the onlookers in the cars were even enjoying watching the parade of bikes. It was a win for everyone. When this happens, cycling advocacy gains the most momentum.

    It is interesting to see how these events that originate in the big cities spread into the smaller cities and towns. Bike Messengers that weave in and out of crowded traffic and pedestrians in big cities seem to be accepted. I’m sure people are annoyed by them, but companies pay the money for these cyclists to get out and do just that…do whatever it takes to get the packages delivered quickly. Take the cyclists out of the big city and stick them in a small town parade though, and it’s a whole different dynamic.

  3. Now what Kurt really meant to say was that if he had a Rocket Launcher he’d blown em all away….He’s just trying to be nice.

  4. I should also say that the guys I know that rode that day are cool dudes. I didn’t see the race, so I’m not sure what happened. I’ve seen video footage of similar events, so I have an idea… I don’t want anyone to be judged by one event, when I’ve seen a lot of good stuff coming from these guys.

    Hey, Scott…remember the lunch crew when we first started riding in 2001 and 2002? Now that was mayhem. We didn’t even know about Scalleycat back then! You helped reign us in…

  5. as a participant of this event i appreciate the compliment because you can’t have that type of fun w/o pissing off the occasional uptight pedestrian or out of shape vehicle owner. as far as i know no one was hurt however a couple of people may have had their vision of a fat nevada politician sitting on the back of a gas guzzling american made suv, for that i apologize. make sure the hand at the end of your arm has a pen to sign my manifest next year!

  6. Sorry Scott…had to moderate your last comment. Ok, guys…let’s remember to keep this clean. We’re supposed to be building a community here…this is not a Fox News talk show. Let’s move on and enjoy the photography!

  7. i had a good time that day.nothing better than your friends,family, and bikes.and this was an ALLEYCAT NOT SCALLEYCAT. both great events but different scalleycats are longer like 24hrs and involve more than just pick up and delivery like an alleycat.the sad thing is i can’t see why anyone reading this blog would ever want to turn a bike in to scrap metal.sad

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