Gas Powered Ice Bike

Gas Powered Ice Bike
Gas Powered Ice Bike

I saw this Gas Powered Ice Bike up at the Diamond Peak Ski Resort today.  This old Diamond Back has studded snow tires, gas tank sealed with duct tape, down tube splash guard, and two kick stands.  There is a pedal powered chain on the right side, a motor driven chain on the left side, and cables galore.  If you look closely, you can see two levers on the left hand side of the handlebars.   One is the front brake, and I’m not sure what the other one does.  Looks like a motorcycle style twist throttle on the right.   This bike is Mad Max all the way.

8 thoughts on “Gas Powered Ice Bike

  1. Crazy bike, Jeff.
    My father-in-law built up a couple bikes (sans the studded tires) using the same motor kit. I’m pretty sure the second lever is a clutch. Unfortunately, you have to hold the clutch open as long as you want to pedal. When you get up to speed, you release the clutch and the motor starts up and you’re off.

    Definitely meant to be gas powered more often than peanut butter powered.

    Happy Trails,

  2. i thought this blog was going downhill with the scally ally thing and people wanting to turn bikes it scrap metal but now you post a pic of this a bike with a motor………..sad please no more, put the gas can down.this is sad when good bikes have to put motors on them to get there owners out for a ride.please say no to gas powered bikes. please join B.A.M (bikers against motors) we need to help stop this, when i see someone riding a motor bike i want to turn them into scrap metal…………………..not the bike just the motor. merry christmas i have to go to take my meds now.

  3. I’ve tried out a friend’s version. They’re kinda fun- and quick, too. A nice alternative to a car, if you have to go motorized. A lot like the old mopeds.

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