Bike Carson Photos of the Week

Well, Christmas is finally over, and I hope you are all recovering nicely. I have one more party to go to, but then hope to return my gastrointestinal system back to its regularly scheduled programming.

It’s been a rough few weeks for cycling in Carson City! I think I’ve only been out on non-studded tires three times in the last three weeks. It’s unbelievable how long this ice and snow is lingering, even in the full sun. Here are a few photos from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool that really convey the wintry conditions.

First Storm by Dan Turner

The first photo is of Dan Turners Pugsley from Surly Bicycles. The Pugsley frame and fork is designed for the allowance of 4″ tires on 26″ rims! The overall diameter of these big wheels is right around 29″. As you can imagine, this bike will take you far beyond where regular bikes are stopped dead in their tracks.

Riding the Pugsley in the Snow by Dan Turner

Here’s another photo from Dan. Here we see the Pugsley dicing it up in traffic.

Homemade Ice Tires by Jesse Richardson

Jesse has been working on building a set of homemade ice tires. They are still in the laboratory, but should be ready for beta release by the next big storm.  Here’s a photo of the progress so far.

These photos were selected from the Bike Carson Flickr Pool. Instructions for adding your photos to the pool can be found HERE.

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