Holiday Hike-a-Bike

It’s been a rough few weeks for mountain bikers here in Carson City. About the only dirt visible is the sand they’ve spread on the icy roads. Under a cover of dark thick clouds, we went out at lunch on Monday in search of something to ride. In my mind, we would get in a quick road ride, and then get back to the warmth of the office.

V&T Trail
Jesse at the top of Lakeview

We rode up the V&T bike path to then end, and then climbed Combs Canyon. Once at the top we decided to go over the top to reach the V&T dirt path. It was our hope that while the top of the mountain may be unrideable, there would probably be decent tracks to ride once down on the other side.

V&T Trail
Unrideable Descent

Only a small portion of the snowy hill climb was rideable to the top. The snow was too crusty and bumpy to get forward momentum. As we crested the top, we hoped that gravity would help get us down the steep canyon. After several attempts though, some of them painful, it was apparent that we’d have to walk all the way down to the bottom.

V&T Trail
Tom Hiking

Once we finally reached the bottom and got onto the V&T trail, it was just more of the same choppy snow. It was a little less deep here, so we were able to ride some of it. Riding just 50 yards was exhausting though, so we alternated between riding and walking. It wasn’t until near the very end of the trail that we actually got to ride some mud and rocks. Just that little bit of dirt under the tires felt great, even if it only lasted a moment!

V&T Trail
Tom hiking some more

We were all very pleased to get back to the pavement, but all happy that we had that little adventure and got some great exercise. Taking your bicycle out for a hike-a-bike is still better than sitting in the office. It snowed again last night, and there is still more snow on the way later this week. I suppose we should just get used to this kind of riding for a while.

V&T Trail
Whose idea was this?

13 thoughts on “Holiday Hike-a-Bike

  1. You guys are a bunch of die hards that’s for sure and more power to you. I just don’t enjoy trying to ride in the cold, snow, and ice anymore. I don’t find it to be fun in the least anymore. Too many years of it I guess. I will be ready in a few more weeks when it starts getting warmer and the rodes and trails are usable again.

  2. With the proper gear, it’s actually quite pleasant. Mostly just different. I can totally understand the people that hang the bike up for a few weeks though. But for me, I just can’t go that long. I need to be out in it, or my mood and health suffer.

  3. It was cold outside but I was actually hotter than I would have liked to been. Sweating on a day like yesterday can be uncomfortable and dangerous out in the wild. The hardest part about yesterday’s ride was the snow that had refrozen about 20 times. Once you deviated off the track you were stuck in place. Using the bike as a walker wasn’t too bad compared to trudging through the snow without anything to hold on to.

  4. “Using the bike as a walker” gives me the image of you guys when your 80 years old climbing up the hills with your bike as your walkers.

    I forgot about the part where you wear warm clothes and then get too hot after so much exertion. That sucks too.

  5. To paraphrase Francis Tapon, you have to “ride your own ride”. I’ve ridden in the snow, too- it can be fun. This year, my heart isn’t in it. The trip from Dayton, on Hiway 50, just isn’t fun enough to inspire in this weather.

  6. Some snowy conditions are more than rideable and fun at the same time. Yesterday was like rolling over a battlefield with all of the frozen boot prints, animal tracks and melted ruts. It made the climb into Centennial feel like riding on cobblestone.

  7. This morning’s ride in to work through the fresh powder was wonderful. Fresh cold powder or freshly packed snow is almost always enjoyable. Riding on Ash Canyon singletrack after a couple inches of fresh powder is quite the experience! Get a bad route, slush, or some old crusty snow though, and it can be miserable!

    Riding in the winter conditions breaks up the monotony of your daily routine, and also really makes you appreciate the trails more when things are warmer.

  8. i can see a mirror post on a ski blog where some dudes are standing at the top of teton pass in august with their skis on in the dirt wondering where all the fargin snow is.

  9. after riding in the snow and cold yesterday, i can say that you guys are crazy! i did not have to hike early as much as your posse but if i am going to keep doing that, i need to get better shoes.

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